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Using Phimocure rings

June 27 2012 at 5:10 PM
Tony  (no login)

Having suffered with tight foreskin for approx 12 months due to a virile infection the foreskin began to tighten until it was very sore to even pull back to pee.
My GP did not tell me it was Phimosis he said keep using the cream, this stop the constant infection, but did not cure the tightness. I viewed the websites
Regarding Phimosis and found out you can have your foreskin cut length ways to release the fibrous ring at the end of the foreskin, If this was the only solution
I would have gone for it, but I was concerned after the surgery infection. I decided to buy the Phimocure kit, the kit arrived 10 days ago complete with various sizes
Of rings and a small pot of cream, only the two largest rings fitted me. I started to use the smaller of the two rings its imperious to wash with soap with no perfume
Like simply to stop the ring from sliding off I pulled the foreskin right over the end of the ring as the ring has a groove all round the circumference the foreskin grips
And stops it sliding off. The instruction given said to wear for 3 hours at a time 3 times a day, I afraid I ignored this and kept the ring on the first day for about 8 hours
Without any discomfort after the first day I achieved a vast improvement. After 7 days I switched to the largest ring only once I used the cream when feeling slight
Discomfort the end result is amazing I will keep using the rings for a few more weeks but money well spent better than surgery.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Good for you!

June 27 2012, 9:51 PM 

I recommend that you stop using soap of any kind. You could develop a bad yeast infection if you don't. You can wash the rings with soap however, but be sure to rinse the soap off before using them.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Sounds right.

June 28 2012, 5:36 AM 

You unfortunately did not mention which "cream" the GP prescribed. That is of some significance.

How was a "viral" infection diagnosed? To my mind, Candida - a yeast similar to a fungus - is the common culprit.

The advice of the Phimocure marketers is deliberately very cautious, erring on the side of conservatism - taking things very slowly and carefully - in order to avoid any possibility of people having bad experiences. In fact, you can almost always use the devices for most or even all of the day as long as they are not excessively tight and you should on this account, trial them for just an hour or so to begin with and work up to the longer wearing periods as you gain confidence.

Please beware that the initial impressive results are usually temporary and that further progress will occur, but may be much slower. Please count on not just a few, but many weeks to achieve full resolution, including a month or so after you actually achieve whatever you define as your "objective".

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