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A Bunch of Foreskin Questions...

July 9 2012 at 11:03 PM
drew  (no login)

Hey guys... I just came across this really amazingly informative site and read most of the posts and replies. Since I also have a foreskin issue, I thought I'd ask a few questions of my own. I'd appreciate any insight at all. I know this is pretty long... but I'm pretty serious about this. Thanks.

So yeah... I have a tight foreskin like everyone else here. When flaccid I can pull it all the way back. When I'm erect I can pull it back just past the head, although I don't really like to because it's pretty uncomfortable. Also the head of my penis is really sensitive- as in, I don't really like direct contact. So for example, a blowjob with the head exposed would not be pleasurable. I never really realized until pretty recently that there was something wrong. I just assumed that all uncut dudes were the same. But I've noticed that uncut guys (in porn)can pull back their foreskins WAY down, and when they ejaculate they pull their whole foreskin down seemingly... comfortably.
If I did that it would probably be excruciating... like something might rip. When I ejaculate, I pull my penis really hard from the base up, thereby ensuring that the foreskin dosn't get pulled down. So, a couple years ago I started doing various stretching exercises in the shower, and they've helped considerably. But only to a certain point. I always thought that the issue was phimosis, nothing else. But suddenly I'm starting to think the bigger issue might actually be "frenulem breve" which I'm not all that familiar with. There seems to be a lot more info on phimosis than frenulem breve.

I noticed that even when flaccid when I pull the foreskin ALL THE WAY back, the head of my penis is kinda getting slightly tugged foreward. It dosn't hurt, but it feels kinda gross. But when erect there is NO WAY it's happening. So I guess my first question is... how serious does my case seem? And secondly...can frenulem breve be entirely solved through stretching excersies alone? And thirdly... can that steroid cream help with frenulum breve- or is it only for phimosis. I really DO NOT WANT to go the surgery route!

Finally I'm thinking of getting checked out by a doctor for professional opinion, and possibly a prescription for the steroid cream. But I'm really nervous because I don't really want to show him/her my junk... mainly because I'm pretty worried about getting an erection in the doc's office. I'd be mortified!!
But I'm pretty sure it would happen if only because I'm so worried about it. Does anyone else have that problem? Or am I the only one?

Anyway, thanks for any insight!!

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Not serious

July 9 2012, 11:28 PM 

OK, it seems your basic problem is a short frenulum, so that's what needs to be addressed.

Yes, the frenulum can be lengthened with exercise alone. If you don't wish to show your junk to the doctor, you can do this without the steroid. Have you found the post with the picture showing what to do? You'll need to find the right spot to pull on in order that you feel the tension on the frenulum.

You're way ahead of the game here, already able to retract, so don't worry too much about it. This is going to take some time, but it's not that serious.

(no login)

Re: Not serious

July 9 2012, 11:43 PM 

1) You hold onto the sides of the foreskin and pull the skin -away- from the body right?
(It kinda stings... is that normal?)

2) Is that method more effective than just pulling BACK the foreskin as far as it'll go?

3) Would the steroid cream help? If it does, I'll just suck it up and go to the doctor for a prescription.
I assume you just lightly apply it to the frenulum... ouch!


(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Not exactly

July 10 2012, 7:34 AM 

The grip should be on the bottom of the foreskin where the frenulum attaches. Then pull out away from your body. You should feel the pull in your frenulum. Betamethasone may help a little, but it is not essential. It would be applied to the frenulum sparingly and rubbed in completely after stretching.

The method we recommend should provide better and faster results than trying to retract to the limit, but there is no harm in pulling back.

Where are you located?

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)


July 10 2012, 5:50 AM 

You have quite accurately described the perfectly normal function of the frænulum. It is indeed, attached to the underneath of the glans (under the urethral meatus) such that if you pull it firmly back whilst the penis is flaccid, it will obviously tend to pull the glans downward. It's a purely mechanical matter - pull on the frænulum (by pulling on the foreskin), and it pulls on the part to which it is attached. This is nothing more than simple mechanics as you would expect.

And of course, the only reason the glans will be pulled down, is because the penis is soft. When it is erect, the erectile bodies are supporting the glans and just pulling back on the foreskin to a normal degree has negligible effect.

Now of course, if you pull back on the foreskin too hard and the frænulum is somewhat short, it may distort the glans even when erect, and be uncomfortable or frankly painful. Anything that is painful is telling you that you are applying too much force; if this happens during intercourse, then it is warning you that you are attempting this with insufficient lubrication and that it will not only be painful for you, but for your good lady as well, which is not a good look.

And yes, lubrication - the reason why your glans is perfectly happy while it is covered by your foreskin - the foreskin prevents rubbing - friction from things touching, such as your dry fingers. If you did have a girlfriend and had - as you should if you expect such things as "blowjobs" - practiced stroking her clitoris, you would hopefully know by now that it is not to be played with unless your fingers are well lubricated (which in her case, means that you provide sufficient cuddling to make her nicely "wet"). Why should your glans be different? Why would you want it not to be sensitive?

Do read a lot - I suggest a hundred or so - of previous posts and explanations here. Referring to a "steroid cream" indicates that you have not studied our explanations here, so since you do want to stretch your foreskin opening properly, and your frænulum, then you need to know to actually do it.

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