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i'm not quite sure about my problem

August 3 2012 at 1:41 PM
jhon  (no login)

i am 22 and i had my circumcision at a very early age. recently i'm starting to notice that i have quite a bit of problem in my penis. i'm not sure what it's called but i have a vein like thing(at the top of the penis where the frenulum breve actually occurs) getting prominent day by day which i fear will get torn someday. i never had sex but i used to masturbate quite a lot but now i'm quite scared that this portion might get torn.(it looks almost like normal frenulum berve except the fact that i've already had my circumcision)

please help me with suggestions. should i need any surgery? if i need, how complicated is that? how much time it requires to get rid of this problem? my parents doesn't know about this and i feel really shy to talk to them about my problem.

here is a pic how it looks like(i took this from the google, mine almost looks like this, except that i have already had the circumcision)


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Looks like a frenulum

August 3 2012, 8:30 PM 

In fact it appears you are intact. If there is in fact no foreskin, the usual method we recommend for stretching the frenulum won't work for lack of a place to tug. You could adapt by tugging on the shaft below your frenulum while simulataneously pulling in opposite direction on the glan. I agree that it looks as if it doesn't have much place, but I'm not necessarily convince it will cause a problem in absence of a forekin which would be pulled back on inward thrusts.

Do you have a foreskin remnant?

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Re: Looks like a frenulum

August 4 2012, 3:18 AM 

i don't have any foreskin remnant. i think i couldn't make my problem very clear to you. my problem is not frenulum breve (i dont have any foreskin left in the front). my main problem is the vein like thing getting too prominent day by day and it looks like it will get torn someday. the vein like things look almost like the pic i gave.

Paul B.
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I disagree. (Sigh!)

August 4 2012, 12:12 AM 

The "method" works just as well for the circumcised (in fact, it overlaps with the approach to foreskin "restoration"). To stretch, you grip the point where the fr├Žnulum merges into the skin of the penis, and pull this forward over the glans, also pulling the penile skin over the glans all around. In other words, you convert the situation to having a foreskin of sorts, and then proceed with the stretch.

As always advised here, there is never a need for surgery. And if during overly zealous attempts at intercourse, it did happen to tear, then the treatment is much the same as a broken hymen - you put a pad on it (which you actually cannot do as readily with a broken hymen,) firmly to control the bleeding, and then proceed "as usual" being pleased that you actually have made it stretch albeit with trauma, and keep deliberately (gently) stretching it to prevent it healing any shorter.

Stretching does not require the assistance of either parents or doctor.

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