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Pinhole phimosis

August 6 2012 at 11:10 AM
Scott  (Login scott1989)


I just recently realised that something called phimosis existed (feels a bit dumb) and I came across this site while researching it and have enjoyed reading a lot of the threads/advice on offer.

My case seems kinda severe in that my opening is very small (pinhole), although it has never caused me any pain or discomfort during sex/urinating etc. in the past. I do vaguely remember my mother telling me about something regarding my penis which might cause me problems when I was older but that was when I was 12/13 and I got so embarrassed that I didn't take any of it in. As far as I can remember my penis has always been like this so I didn't realise anything was "wrong".

My problem is that while I've read up on the stretching techniques etc, there is absolutely no chance of me getting even a little finger in there for a reasonable length of time. I've tried for the past few days to use a cotton bud just to open up the space a little and can fit that in fine but don't really know what to do once it's in there. Should I move it around? Leave it in there for some time?

Is there anything else I can use of similar size that might be more helpful and what do I progress to once (if) I get to the stage where the cotton bud slips in and out easily?

Thanks for reading + any extra advice/questions will be great - especially from people with pinhole phimosis who have had some success. I still feel a bit overwhelmed by this!

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

A rigid device

August 6 2012, 11:43 AM 

You are a good candidate for a skin tunnel. They're the little bobbin like devices people use to make tunnels in their ear lobes. Find some made of silicone which are of the size which will fit. Use some lubricant to insert the largest one you can get in. As you find the opening relaxing the accept the tunnel, try moving up to the next larger size.

Be sure not to use soap to wash inside your skin.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

I'm not so keen on cotton buds.

August 6 2012, 3:08 PM 

They are generally too soft to do much in the way of stretching, the rigid part inside has a rough end and there always seems to be the risk of leaving lint - or the "bud" itself (I thought Americans were more used to the proprietary eponym "Q-tips"?) - inside.

Now chopsticks might be a little cumbersome, but have smooth (rigid) ends more suited to the purpose. If you can get two in, you can exert some leverage between them.

You must understand the "secret" to getting things - such as fingers - through the channel of the foreskin. The secret is to grip the foreskin at the tip with a pair of fingers from both hands and pull it open 33-03c.jpg into a "funnel".

While you are then holding it thus open, you can slip (with some lubrication) whatever it is you are using, down the smooth "funnel" and through the narrow part. Without stretching it out, you will be completely blocked by wrinkles. I suspect that using the correct approach, you quite likely can get the tip of your little finger through.

(Login alexmcl)

Re: I'm not so keen on cotton buds.

August 7 2012, 2:17 PM 

I have exactly the same problem as this guy, my opening is only a few mm wide, but how are you meant to get anything inside your opening if both your hands are tied up with stretching it, I've tried and failed many times,

Also at the moment I'm just streching it using the funnel technique you pictured, but all it seems to be doing is streching the skin arround my opening, not the actual hole itself, is this what is meant to happen, or am I doing something wrong?

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

I see the difficulty.

August 8 2012, 5:28 AM 

Nevertheless, that is the challenge.

It's a skill to be practiced and mastered. Taking the illustration above, the "pinch on each side" requires two fingers of each hand. That leaves six more free, either to insert a lubricated smooth pen cap, or a well-manicured little finger. Or a "flesh tunnel".

(Login scott1989)

Re: Pinhole phimosis

August 8 2012, 6:08 AM 

Hi, thanks for the replies guys.

I figured cotton buds/q-tips might be too soft but they were the only thing I could find that would fit. My problem with stretching at the moment is that I can't grip properly so end up just doing what Alex describes although I don't know if this actually helps anyway. There's no chance of me being able to do what is shown in picture until I can get the hole stretched a bit more. I think chopsticks would help this but I'm probably not going to fit 2 in right now.

I like the idea of skin tunnels but I'm not entirely sure how they work. Would they just sit in between the head and the opening? How long should I keep them in for?

I managed to fit the end of a straw in today which is a little harder than a q-tip and probably slightly wider. Will this work okay and how long at a time should I be leaving it in there?


(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Get some flesh tunnels

August 8 2012, 8:43 AM 

The straw, unless one of the permanent kind, also isn't stiff enough, and the sharpness of the cut edge could cause trauma to your glans.

You'll need flesh tunnels of various sizes. You'd begin with the one which would fit snugly, inserting into the opening sufficiently to lock the ring of your foreskin into the groove of the tunnel. It should hold in place by itself. If not, a piece of tape could be put over it to hold it in place. As the skin relaxes, try moving up to a larger size.

Shop for those made of silicone and with prominent flares on each end.

(Login scott1989)

Re: Get some flesh tunnels

August 10 2012, 12:12 PM 

Thanks again Jim/Paul

I really appreciate the great advice and the fast responses. I'll look into the flesh tunnels. It's not something I've ever paid attention to before and they're intriguing - I wonder if girls would find a star-shaped opening more attractive :D

All joking aside, is it fine to start by using one with prominent flares on both ends and what size roughly should I be looking to buy up to? I'm not really sure where is best to buy them or how much these should cost so I don't want to pay too much or buy too many of them.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

More options.

August 10 2012, 3:02 PM 

Frankly, in exploring the matter, I think you should take my suggestion of chopsticks, a little more seriously (since these are trivially cheap and readily available). Those I have seen have a well-rounded and smooth end and having two means you can gauge just how wide the opening is.

I do suspect that heretofore, you are not fully grasping the absolutely critical importance of holding the foreskin out on the stretch while you insert the probe. I strongly suspect that on mastering this, it will turn out that you can fit a much larger object than you think. (It certainly would help to have an extra hand!)

Without being able to accurately gauge the actual size of the opening, you simply cannot determine the necessary size of a "flesh tunnel" and in fact, unless you have mastered the technique of inserting a proper probe, you certainly will not be able to insert a flesh tunnel anyway.

While suitable probes may be to hand in the form of pen caps with a "torpedo-shaped" smoothly rounded end (they don't make torpedoes that shape for no reason), there is a a most useful material from which you can make your own stretching devices, marketed as "polymorph" - just Google it and you should be able to find where it is available in your country. With a little skill, this can be made into said "torpedo-shaped" probe of any size necessary which can then be used to perform the stretching, or alternately crafted into a flesh tunnel and progressively re-crafted as necessary to enlarge further.

(Login scott1989)

Re: More options.

August 11 2012, 10:25 AM 

Paul, I am treating all suggestions seriously. I only discovered this forum very recently and from reading as many threads as I have, I can tell that both yourself and Jim take up a lot of time giving out good, free information to a lot of different people with this problem. I am extremely grateful for that.

The first thing I did when I read your chopsticks suggestion was think "Wow, that's a great idea!" and I immediately went to look for some.

I do understand the importance of stretching the foreskin while inserting probes, but I'm finding it extremely difficult to use the technique you posted as I literally cannot grip well enough due to a medical condition (an extra hand would be terrific, but I don't have one) and [i]know[/i] that I won't be able to use that technique until I can find a way of giving myself more room to manoeuvre. I will endeavour to do it eventually but at the moment my technique is to pull my foreskin towards my body is working to aid me in inserting at least some experimental stuff in there such as the q-tip, even if it isn't a "proper probe".

I don't know anything about flesh tunnels which is why I asked so many questions about them. I saw most places selling the smallest size at 4mm but some others at even less so I assumed I would be able to fit one of them in.

Thanks for the polymorph suggestion, I'll check it out and thanks again for your post.

(Login scott1989)

Re: More options.

August 31 2012, 12:25 PM 

Hi guys,

Just thought I'd provide an update. I bought a bunch of skin tunnels online and have been trying them over the past few days. I managed to gauge the opening to be around 4-5mm so started buying at that size and then started increasing by 2mm increments as I saw suggested on another thread. I bought up to 12mm for now which should I imagine keep me occupied for a while.

For anyone out there who has experience of using skin tunnels all the way to overcoming phimosis, what sort of timescale were you experiencing when moving up in increments? I certainly am not looking to rush anything but it would be nice to get an idea of the progress other people made.

Also, assuming I'm wearing the skin tunnels all of the time, only taking them out to clean, is it advisable for me to still perform the other stretches once I get the opening to a big enough size that I can get fingers in there?

Thanks again.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

An interesting question.

September 1 2012, 5:33 AM 

Should you use finger stretches as well as "flesh tunnels"?

Not sure.

Come back later and give us an opinion. happy.gif

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