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tight foreskin

May 4 2013 at 4:07 AM
marty  (Login helpneededasapplease)


i have decided to post as a newby to these problems. i am 33 years old and have had repeated fungal infections with my foreskin in what started about a year ago. i was just using the thrush cream given to me which is clotzimarole (i think the standard) and looked up online some natural solutions to candida which it thought were things like garlic, yoghurt right through to pitchooli oil ....

so anyway, my initial symptons last year for the candida was itching, white flakey bits in my foreskin and the tight foreskin which i became used to (although trying to treat every day!!!) .... after 3 months non stop it was bcoming a litle disheartening to say the least ....

i have been having intercourse on and off (at times when i thought it was sort of ok to) but these times only ever ended up in tears on my foreskin .... so now i am in a situation where i almost permanently have a tight foreskin - it has the white ring described by many as 'phimotic ring' and also i have tighty white areas where before all this, there were flexible pinky bits instead ....

so after so long of creams and other remedies (although i really would appreciate some feedbaack on other helpful candida rememdies to try) and after probably 20 instances of tearing, i am now to the point of thinking that these tears have caused scar tissue and then im thinking, if this is the case, then scar tissue would require a sterroid cream (no idea about types), stretching (which i have read mixed things about) and as a last resort, circumsission .....

i would rather get a natural solution to my problem and i spose the first thing to do is to diagnose the problem.

so in short, can someone please outline what sort of things they think i have going wrong for me given my candida history and please could someone tell me if i do have some sort of long term candida problem, does this also mean that the thckish white skins and the phimotic ring type problem are just the symptoms of the candida??? ie does scar tissue and candida appear to look and act in the same way??? i dont want to be treating the candida only to find out that i actually should be treating myself for scar tissue which is caused by the candida ie i need treatments for both!

also, can someone please tell me how i could heal the candida effectively and quickly given my long term history (1 year in total) of this issue.

many thanks

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

OK, first question.

May 4 2013, 1:54 PM 

Was your blood sugar level normal when the doctor checked it?

No trouble before, recurrent "Thrush" starting at age 32. If you are overweight or of Asian/ Indian descent, this is an absolute must to be monitored and dealt with if diabetes is thereby discovered. (Sad to say, HIV is also something that may need to be excluded in those at risk.)

Itch in particular and the "cottage cheese" lumps would certainly indicate Candida. Oral fluconazole - which permeates the whole body and tends to clear out the bowel as the source of persistent contamination, is generally suggested.

"Natural" remedies - well, Jim generally advises on dietary measures to suppress Candida, which makes sense, but may need to be done in association with pharmaceuticals. The other "traditional" as it were topical treatment is Gentian Violet - which is very messy.

Slightly less messy as a general approach, is the (pure - avoid additives) Zinc and Castor Oil cream - as used as "nappy" or "diaper" cream - which by implication you can use continuously to suppress the problem but may be a disincentive to oral sex. wink.gif Of course, ladies may harbour Candida chronically without necessarily being aware of any discomfort.

Given adequate (continuing) control of any actual Candida problem, the correct high-potency or "ultra-potent" steroid such as betamethasone ointment or clobetasol might be necessary to facilitate stretching back to normal.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Try dietary changes

May 4 2013, 5:12 PM 

I had a bout with yeast a few years ago after taking antibiotics. I found relief primarily from a change in diet which temporarily eliminated as much carbohydrate intake as possible. It was effective, and I believe it still would be. However, I've learned more recently of the importance of ph balance. An acidic condition can lead to all kinds of diseases, and generally that is produced by ingesting animal products. That sounds paradoxical, doesn't it? In the former case, you would be starving the yeast, while also starving yourself, while in the latter case, you would be establishing a habitat unattractive to the yeast.

Eliminating all carbohydrates is not recommended for extended periods of time, while eliminating animal products and eating a balanced plant base diet actually leads to much improved health in all areas. So you have choices.

I'm with Paul in wondering if diabetes could be playing a role. I'm also curious if you have other health issues which could be related to yeast, such as athlete's foot or indigestion, especially high gas production.

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(no login)

thanks for the responses

May 6 2013, 1:08 AM 

Thanks guys.

have been reading the posts and they're great! so in response to your questions, im white (not asian), slim build and not diabetic but have had major sweet tooth, poorish type diet and high alcohol diet for most of my 20's....

in the last 3 years or so i have now totally changed my lifestyle .... so no alcohol & much much better diet (now vegetarian heading towards more vegan) - so lots of freshness here for my intestines ....

about your suggestions, again thank you really a lot for these .... from what i understand the candida seems to the real problem to resolve here ....

just wanting to clarify then whether you both agree that the whiteness and tightness of my 'ring' / foreskin and the white hard bits are actually a direct result of the candida (ie the symptom) or whether this is also perhaps scar tissue from the 20-30 times tearing incidents?? maybe a combination of both??

so then, if i treat the candida through the remedies you suggested and with continued dietary measures and im successful (over time) do you think my foreskin will just return to normal when the candida is no longer so prevalent??

or do you think i will also need to do the stretching of foreskon excercises as you advise on this forum to get my loose-ness back to my normal stretch??

again, thanks so much for your service to all of us out here worrying and stressing - your service really is admirable!!


(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

It should return to normal

May 6 2013, 11:08 AM 

Your swing your a vegan diet will certainly improve your health in many ways. Eliminating sweets is a great start.

You might also try drinking kombucha tea.http://www.kombuchahealth.com.au/Kombucha_candida.html

You can buy kombucha tea already bottled and ready to drink. I'm guessing you are not American, so I have no way to know where you might get it. My source in California is Whole Foods Market or Safeway(Vons) Supermarkets, both nationwide grocery chains. You'll probably have your best luck in a natural food market.

Not sure if you could have developed any scar tissue, but even if you did, that would not prevent stretching.

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Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Some work needed.

May 6 2013, 11:25 AM 

Glad to hear that you have in fact been checked with a blood test and confirmed not to have any diabetic tendency.

Given that you - in whatever way - settle the Candida problem, then you will need to do the stretching in order to get your foreskin back to the point where it retracts easily enough to safely proceed with normal sexual relations. And given that this is a case of "secondary" tightening due to skin disease (with a possibility that there is an element of "LS" - Lichen Sclerosis - present), the appropriate steroid ointment, such as betamethasone or clobetasol would actually be of benefit here, to be used with whatever is necessary to prevent Candida recurrence.

(no login)

further clarification

May 7 2013, 9:05 PM 

thanks again guys for your advice!!!

so i have just begun the stretching process (10 mins a day to start with) and was wandering if you guys sort of know how long i would need to do this for before seeing some results??

also, it is my understanding from what youve said so far that i would need to combine my stretching excercises with either betamethasone or clobetasol .... is this because these creams help to avoid any tears whilst stretching? Perhaps they also somehow improve the chance of better results also????

so assuming that i dont have any LS issues here to worry about (i will need to do some research here) .... if i resolve the candida problem & do the above stretching (with steroid assistance) - do you think that this covers me off for doing all the right things for getting the foreskin back in good health??

again, i really thank you for all your help with this guys - your forum rocks!!


(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

If you can get it

May 7 2013, 9:22 PM 

Betamethasone requires a prescription. If your doctor will give it to you, it is applied only to the area where the tight ring is. Use it sparingly and rub it in completely after stretching. It does facilitate stretching, but it is not necessary to get results.

You should be able to see minor results within a week. By minor, I mean the skin will respond to your stretching quite easily. Don't expect growth for a while. Persistance is the key to results.

Get any yeast problem solved, do the exercises, and you should be fine.

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