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From less than 5mm to ~98% cured and steps I took

February 10 2016 at 11:21 PM
Thatguy55  (Login Thatguy55)

Today was the first day I could retract completely, although tight this is a huge marker for me. All in all its hard to gauge how long this process was for me as I was unfortunately quite inconsistent with my habits. I utilized the phimocure rings for a solid portion of my treatment but unfortunately was unable to fit the first ring upon purchase. I used basic hand stretching until I was able to fit the first ring. From the first ring I continued Phimocure use until about the third last ring at this point I was averaging 2 weeks a ring +/-. It was by the third ring I was able to retract while flacid although it was somewhat tight, when you hit this stage prepare for lots of smegma. The smegma build was particularly disturbing but I used soap and water from the shower to break it down and eventually completely clean it.With the ability to retract expect lots of sensitivity, I am still working through this the only real solution is exposure to air and water from the shower as well as gentle touching. At the third last ring I found myself hitting fairly long plateau, one which behaved as an outlier from the typical ebb and flow of my progress. From that point I resorted to hand stretches which eventually brought me to the point of success. Stretches were executed as mentioned in many of the posts on this site. On retrospect I think I found the hand stretches to be way more effective than the rings once you can comfortably fit two fingers and over all its more comfortable. I'd advocate for moving into those as soon as you and building the habit of doing stretches in the shower everyday and when ever you have a moment of free time in privacy. I want to also mention that its important that you listen to your body and not push the skin too far while the rings averaged 2 weeks for me that might be less or more depending on the person. I primarily wrote this to remind everyone out their in similar circumstances that if youre patient and consistent you will make progress even if at times change is too slow to notice. Its just remember it will be worth it in the end!

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Well said

February 11 2016, 9:21 AM 

Thanks for a report.

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