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Bobby pins for stretching??????

August 23 2017 at 4:47 PM
Aussie  (Login aussiev123)

Hey guys,
Have phimosis and the gap at the top of my foreskin is about 5mm or so. I have been stretching for a while with various methods including just a finger grip on each side and using cue tips with plumbers tape to increase size, i also use a Diprosone cream (same as betamethasone). Problem is, i stretch for a while and get progress then end up with a tear and after about two months of back and forwards work it got pretty frustrating.

After the last little tear gave the stretching a break for four or so days to let it recover then got really sick and it ended up being about a week without any stretching so everything has healed well to start again.

I came across a video on youtube of a lady showing how she had helped her child with phimosis initially and it was by partially opening bobby pins and then closing them to insert and letting them provide a stretch.

Decided i had nothing to lose so i am giving this a go and have been doing it for a couple of days and find it provides a nice gentle stretch and is easy to insert and remove without damaging any skin. Also of course i have been aiming to keep this as sterile as possible and i'm using a fungal cream to prevent yeast along side the diprosone cream.

Questions is, has anyone given the bobby pins a shot and if so, how effective where they and until what size??
I'm basically just finding something to get me onto the phimocure kit.
Any help will be much appreciated


(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Can't picture this

August 23 2017, 8:12 PM 

Perhaps American bobby pins are something different. I',m concerned about cuts. Usually this is from yeast. Be sure to treat twice a day to get a grip on that.

(Login aussiev123)

Re: Can't picture this

August 23 2017, 8:25 PM 

thanks for that. I'd agree with the cuts being from the yeast and have since sorted that out.
Just looking for someone who has previously tried using the bobby pins (hair pin type things) because i have been surprised by how gentle they are from what i thought they would be

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