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Do I have frenulum breve?

September 3 2017 at 3:35 AM
Alex  (no login)

Despite having phimosis in the past, through stretching I am able to retract fully both when flaccid and when erect.

I can retract further than the glans, but if I let go it will return to under the glans. I'm unable to pull my foreskin too far below the glans or it will pull downwards as seen in this picture [linked image] . The same happens if I pull the foreskin too far down when flaccid. As a result of this my foreskin does not move freely over the glans, but sometimes bunches up underneath it. At this point I'll have to pull the foreskin even further down (which can be quite tight) to unbunch it and then I am able to push the foreskin back over the glans. I believe for this reason I have frenulum breve, even if it is a mild form of it.

If I am correct in this belief, I was wondering whether I will still be able to have sex. I'lll likely be having it within the next week hence I am putting out my concerns for some clarity. Thank you very much for any help

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Sounds more like a tight opening

September 3 2017, 7:39 AM 

The difficulty in replacing the foreskin indicates the opening is still tight. Your range of retraction is within normal bounds, and will probably not cause difficulty in intercourse. You may wish to lengthen the frenulum if you think the skin should retract farther.

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