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It's my frenulum short? Pics inside.

September 6 2017 at 11:17 AM
David92  (Login jjterreros)

Ey! Hi from Spain and thanks for the help. This is my case. I'm a 25 years guy and I think a have frenulum breve. When I have sex, always with condom I've never tried without it, I don't have any problem or hurt but I'm concern that I can get injured in the future. In addition I really don't like how it looks. sad.gif

When I'm erect I can't lower my skin too far from the glans, and if I do it, my glans bends down. Here there are some pictures. I can post some more if you think it's necesary for more clarity.




What I want to know is how bad is my case from you point of view? And how I can resolve it or at least improve it? I've read the stretching exercises and tried to stretch the frenulum but I can't or I don't know how to do it.. I even don't know if it really works in the frenulum because I can't find some success case in the internet.

Thank you for help me. I hope that post can help meny others too.

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You can fix it.

September 6 2017, 3:59 PM 

It is short but not bad. Stretching works for all skin and mucosa. Simply grasp both ends and gently pull in opposite directions. Hold for five minutes. regripping as needed. Repeat three more times each day. Don't miss a day.

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Re: You can fix it.

September 11 2017, 7:43 AM 

I will try to stretch for a month. And if I see any improve then I will post again.

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