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A few questions

September 13 2017 at 9:46 AM
Arty  (Login artemisruse)

Hi. I've been following this forum for a good 2-3 months now, and it's insane how much it has helped me out. I fixed my phimosis to a good extent reading posts and with commitment. So I basically have 2 questions.

1. I can retract fully when I'm flaccid, but doing so when I'm erect is difficult as it seems like the glans has swollen up, and as soon as I try, the erection starts going away. If I try to get erect after pulling back, it feels tight under the glans, so my question is, could Frenulum Breve be the cause of this? How do I know for sure I have Frenulum Breve or not? And if I do, is there no way to stretch it and is Frenuloplasty the only way?

2. After retraction, I saw white stuff on the glans, but it didn't worry me as I guessed it was smegma. However, on reading in to it more, I noticed that the White part isn't really lumpy, and sometimes there's some red spots + a slight swelling near the urethral opening.

https://imgur.com/KMMcCQA - I'm still working on getting all the smegma clean, this one is for the frenulum
https://imgur.com/T6U4Xc0 - This is for lichen sclerosus.

I'd love any kind of help, because the country I'm from, every problem has only one solution and that is to get cut.

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I can't diagnose your problem

September 14 2017, 9:58 AM 

White stuff is usually smegma. If it's been there for quite a while, i may not be lumpy. Crusted smegma can be softened with coconut or olive oil left to soak.

Generally difficulty retracted past the corona is attributed to a tight frenar band, so you might have more work to do on the.

The frenulum controls the distance to which the foreskin can be easily retracted past the corona. It can be lengthened by stretching. I don't recommend surgery on it as it often makes it worse.

If you suspect LS, have a doctor examine it. Getting cut is not the only remedy.

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