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Questioning my urologists circumcision decision

September 15 2017 at 4:12 AM
Rob  (no login)


I have posted on this forum a few times over the past years. My latest topic was this one:

Earlier this year I went to my GP again who at first prescribed me dermovate creme (which I also had years ago), which helped in making the skin a little more flexible and less painful but did not aid in solving my issues. I went back and he sent me to an urologist of my choosing. He looked at my penis, let me pull back the foreskin as far as possible and then did the same thing as well as pulling on the skin. Everything he did hurt even though he was not forcing that much. He, together with my GP, told me that my problem is not necessarily phimosis as they both think my foreskin should be wide/flexible enough to be pulled back. However, when I pull it back as far as I can it just hurts and I feel a lot of resistance, like it is physically impossible to pull it back further.

A gif I made last year shows my foreskin at its best state in a period of stretching, normally it is a little less flexible than this.

The urogolist diagnosed me with an all round painful and sore foreskin and decided that if my foreskin is a problem, it's best to take it all away, meaning a full circumcision. I asked him about a partial circumcision, shorting the foreskin and just cutting off the painful and tight inner foreskin, leaving plenty of healthy skin to cover the glans. But he did not agree and told me it's best to remove it all and therefore made an appointment with me in six weeks. Also he did not mention anything regarding my frenulum so I am still not sure if this is a problem or not (even though my GP mentioned it in the letter sent to the urologist). I also forgot to ask during my appointment because I was rather nervous.

Even though I have been struggling with my foreskin forever and it does hurt when someone else touches it, which is often unpleasant in sexual situations, I do not feel comfortable with the idea of having a full circumcision. However, stretching does not seem to work for me either. I can't get a phimocure ring in without hurting myself a lot or it getting pushed out, I can't get two fingers inside if my life depended on it (I can only get my thumb in which does not stretch out my foreskin anymore) and when I feel like my foreskin is actually stretching and getting wider, I still can't physically retract it because it gives a lot of tension, resistance and pain if I continue.

So right now I am a little lost and wonder if I should go back to my GP and ask for a second opinion. I want a healthy working foreskin and do not look forward to a full circumcision and the possible complications that get along with it, besides having my glans exposed at all times and having my foreskin stitched into my shaft. So I am looking for advice what I should do and what questions I should be asking. Am I right in asking a second opinion or should I just get it over with and go full circumcision because I have been struggling for so long?

Thanks in advance.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

I'd run from that guy

September 15 2017, 6:16 PM 

The word phimosis means tight foreskin. That's what you have. It isn't a disease, just a condition. If your skin doesn't retract fully and easily, it's too tight. There is nothing complicated about it. The best solution is to stretch the skin to make it grow.

You have a very powerful drug which should facilitate your stretching efforts. It should be applied very sparingly only to the tight ring, rubbed in completely until it disappears. Generally the doctor will have you do this twice per day. It is properly applied AFTER stretching and then it is left alone. To be effective in stretching, you should do it four times per day, spacing the times equally throughout your day. Stretch five minutes each session as illustrated on the How to Stretch page. You may also simultaneously stretch the frenulum by pulling out on the bottom edge of your foreskin where the frenulum is attached. This should be done also for five minutes, four times per day.

Avoid all use of soaps or shower gels on your foreskin, especially the inner part. Treat for yeast simultaneously while using the steroid. From the GIF it appears you don't have far to go. It would be a shame to sacrifice your foreskin when success is so close.

(no login)

Re: I'd run from that guy

September 18 2017, 8:46 AM 

Thank you for your elaborate reply.

I still have about a third of my tube of dermovate creme left from earlier this year and usually applied it during stretching since massaging it in it made the skin less dry and more flexible. But I understand if it should be applied afterwards.

Recently I started having sex without a condom with my current sexual partner, which is extremely doable for me with sufficient lubrication. What I noticed this weekend was that afterwards my foreskin was wider, more flexible and retracted noticably further (painlessly) in a semi-erect state than what I showed on the gif in a flaccid state. This gave me a huge and well needed confidence boost that despite all my previous efforts maybe it indeed is fixable.

I will take your advice to heart and start stretching again daily and using the remainder of my dermovate creme in the process. Seeing what I achieved this weekend without having any sort of pain I am very motivated in achieving my goal.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Have more sex!!!

September 18 2017, 11:45 AM 

A friend of mine told me that's how he loosened his tight foreskin.

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