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Swollen Frenulum?

September 19 2017 at 11:11 AM
OpenSesame  (no login)

First of all, thanks to everyone for the info on this forum, it's been really helpful. Short version is down below.

I've only recently realized I have phimosis and the stretching exercises I see everywhere tend to be very frustrating for me, since I have long foreskin that makes it difficult to reach the phimotic ring. Then I read that a common cause of phimosis is unusual masturbation methods that don't stretch the foreskin during adolescence (true for me) and that one solution is to start masturbating conventionally. Made sense to me, so I thought I'd try that for a while and go back to trying to stretch if it didn't help.

First time went fine, but the day after the second time I found some swelling on the underside that's only revealed when I pull back the foreskin (I can just about reveal the meatus.) From what I can see, the frenulum is swollen; it's slanted to the side, there's a noticable tug on it while retracting, and if I view my penis from the side while retracted, there's a bulge on the underside that juts out slightly.

I first noticed this 2 days ago and just assumed that it was the result of friction with a tight foreskin, but so far it hasn't gone down yet.

SO HERE'S THE SHORT VERSION: Anybody here ever get (what I assume is,) a swollen frenulum with phimosis? Any idea how long it takes to settle/ways to help it along? I've heard ice packs for similar situations, but I'm unsure whether to just put it against the foreskin or manually retract while holding the ice up to it or what. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Ever hear of jelqing?

September 19 2017, 8:45 PM 

What you are doing is causing fluids to be retained in the area of the frenulum. There are groups of men who actually believe masturbating in a certain fashion, causing swelling to occur, will increase the lengths of their penises. There is no scientific evidence of lengthening occurring, but it does cause foreskins to lengthen. If your foreskin already has an overhang, you might not want to do what you've been doing. Swelling generally takes about 24 hours to subside.

I suppose young men attempt to retract and replace their foreskins during masturbation, thus applying some tension on the frenar band, and in time, loosening it to allow easy retraction. That makes sense, but it's a slow process. Some gain retraction by simply having intercourse.

Have you actually located your frenar band? How much overhang is there? Have you tried something like Q-tips or chop sticks? There are stainless chop sticks which won't bend while applying pressure.

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