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We are a group of friends who have come together because we share the common bond of caring for someone who has Trisomy 21. We are here to share therapy tips, medical issues, laughs, accomplishments and yes, even frustrations. We embrace what Trisomy 21 has brought into our lives. We feel that it has taught us to appreciate the true meaning of life. We count our children as blessings! We will fiercely protect them and fight for their lives to be valued just as all other peoples' are. We share our pictures, our stories and our hearts here not only to provide friendship and support for each other, but also in the hopes that others will open their minds and their hearts to our unique children and, in turn, make a better world for everyone.

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Needing suggestions...

September 12 2008 at 11:02 AM

susan&josh  (Login 4littlelambs)

what has worked to get your school aged kids to comply? To communicate? Obey rules? Stop saying "no"?

Josh certainly has a mind of his own and doesn't want to do anything he doesn't want to do! Sound familiar? He's as stubborn as stubborn can be... and when he's not feeling well, hungry or tired... well... don't cross him! LOL!

According to his teacher (who has never taught a child with DS but does have a niece with DS), Josh is giving his 1:1 a "run for her money"! This aide has never had a child with DS either. This is her 4th year as an aide... the 1st 2 years with a little girl with mild CP who couldn't walk... and last year with a child with mild autism and difficulty with speech (as in wouldn't talk not couldn't talk)! Now this year, she has my active little 5y/o who is telling her "no" everytime she turns around!

The teacher said the class overall has been okay with him... except when they DO try to talk and include him in play, he isn't answering them and they don't understand, lose interest and walk away. Yesterday, she had a class meeting and explained DS to them (from something I gave her).

At home, I use redirection to head off issues. I also don't ask him, I tell him. If I ask, he says no and it becomes a battle of the wills. If I just take him by the hand and lead, he may still say no but I don't give him that option. At school, they don't really want to have to drag him... understandably so!

He has this habit of pulling his shirt over his head like a hood and they don't want him doing it. So she tells him not to and he continues. She warns and he continues. This happens mostly at recess so she has started bringing him inside to sit alone... instead of asking a friend to play with him or trying to engage him herself. It's just a battle of the wills!

And, he's frustrated that he can't engage in play with the other kids because he's unable to verbalize that to them. So he has been kicking & hitting. His teacher said, he's not being naughty or trying to hurt someone... he just wants their attention. I don't know how to make it easier for him. I was thinking that his 1:1 could verbalize for him to start... something like "Josh, do you want to play with so & so?" and let him say yes... or give him a couple of choices (the red truck or the play dough, etc)... but right now she's just letting HIM do the communicating, which obviously isn't working!

Anyway, sorry this is so long. I was hoping to have an enthusiastic, happy, willing to learn aide, but she has yet to show those qualities. I know she's just getting to know him... but she's overwhelmed with what to do. Perhaps I should spend a few days with him there to show her what I do??

What has worked for your kids? We discussed PECS but truthfully, I think that's alot of work for nothing. He UNDERSTANDS, he's just choosing to disobey (the shirt) and nothing we have found encourages him to obey. We use 1st/then at home... 1st you eat then you can go outside... but she's not very creative in her 1st/then techniques! That and I don't know if he's actually DOING anything at school in terms of work... maybe he's bored??

Any ideas? Sorry this is so long...and I don't even know if I have explained it right!!

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