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We are a group of friends who have come together because we share the common bond of caring for someone who has Trisomy 21. We are here to share therapy tips, medical issues, laughs, accomplishments and yes, even frustrations. We embrace what Trisomy 21 has brought into our lives. We feel that it has taught us to appreciate the true meaning of life. We count our children as blessings! We will fiercely protect them and fight for their lives to be valued just as all other peoples' are. We share our pictures, our stories and our hearts here not only to provide friendship and support for each other, but also in the hopes that others will open their minds and their hearts to our unique children and, in turn, make a better world for everyone.

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Yona's end of year school party

June 22 2008 at 12:55 PM

Adina  (Login adinar)

Thurs night our school had end of year school parties for all grades. They did each grade at the same time in their respective classrooms and then the whole school joined together for a big concert in the yard. Unfortunately we had to rush off to another function in Jerusalem so we missed the concert but we left the kids with a babysitter to watch.

Yona was great at her party. The kids sat up front and did a few songs and speech recitals. She did well considering they have only been practising for 3 days. Some of the speeches she didn't know that well but she sat there so proud of herself.
Dh was asked to give a short speech on the weekly Bible portion. When he was called up Yona called out excitedly "That's my Abba (dad)!" When he finished she called out "Yasher Koach" which kind of translates as may you continue having strength and a tradtional line after someone gives a talk on the bible. The teacher thanked dh pronouncing his name with a strong Israeli accent as Siymon so Yona called out in Hebrew "It's not Siymon, it's Simon".

One mother saw me on Saturday and said you must be so proud of Yona at the party and in general with her whole year how successful it was. I said of course. She added something about no one really knowing how it would go at the beginning of the year and if it would work. I laughed and said we knew it would go well, we just had to prove it to everyone else!

I'm off to school for a sum-up meeting with the principal, her teachers, aide, OT, and our education support person.

Here are a few photos and short movies from the party.

Adina and Yona (8)

Adina and Yona (8)

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Stephanie(Sister to Janice)
(Login ProudSisofJanice)


June 22 2008, 3:37 PM 

I watched the movies an she did wonderful! She was right on with all the other kids, she's got good rhythm! Cute!

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(Login jeanneandjoshua)

I got caught up looking at your photo albumn

June 23 2008, 6:44 AM 

I hope that was okay...

And then I forgot to come back here an post how wonderful the video of Yona is. Looking at other videos, I can see she is quote the performer.

You have a wonderful family - but I'm sure you already knew that.

Jeanne and Joshua

Blogging Down - Down syndrome Community Blog

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(Login adinar)

no problem

June 23 2008, 9:51 AM 

I just don't post all my family pics because I doubt people are interested. Enjoy

Adina and Yona (8)

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(Login LisaLisa627)

I loved watching Yona!!!!

June 23 2008, 2:11 PM 

And I really loved how you told the one mother that you knew it would go well you just had to prove it to everyone else! She is growing up so quick and is absolutely adorable! I so loved watching her sing - you are right she was right along with everyone else - but, hey we knew she would be right???

Thanks for sharing that! I have had so many people lately tell me how crazy they thought I was to have Lily and blah blah blah, but are just amazed now at how well I have done with her and what a blessing she is for so many!

Hugs to you and your precious girl!


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