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We are a group of friends who have come together because we share the common bond of caring for someone who has Trisomy 21. We are here to share therapy tips, medical issues, laughs, accomplishments and yes, even frustrations. We embrace what Trisomy 21 has brought into our lives. We feel that it has taught us to appreciate the true meaning of life. We count our children as blessings! We will fiercely protect them and fight for their lives to be valued just as all other peoples' are. We share our pictures, our stories and our hearts here not only to provide friendship and support for each other, but also in the hopes that others will open their minds and their hearts to our unique children and, in turn, make a better world for everyone.

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Julie, Mina's Mama it was so nice to see your post below!

June 24 2008 at 12:53 PM
Laura (Gracie's Mama)  (Login alejalaura)

I just wanted to say I've REALLY missed seeing you around! How's Mina's baby sister doing? When is she scheduled to make her grand entrance? Are you feeling good? How's Mina? How's my buddy Cletus? I'm in serious need of an update.

Laura & Gracie

"It was my child who taught me to understand so clearly that all people are equal in their humanity and that all have the same human rights. I might never have learned this in any other way. I may have gone on in the arrogance of my own intolerance for those less able than myself. My child taught me humanity"

~Pulitzer and Nobel Prize wining author, Pearl S. Buck~

"Our miracle and blessing Lil'Miss Gracie, 1 year"

~Know that any moment may hold a MIRACLE, and that the air around you may suddenly be stirred by angel wings~

This message has been edited by alejalaura on Jun 24, 2008 12:53 PM

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(Login Minasmom)

Awwwww shucks....

June 24 2008, 6:55 PM 

I'm sorry I've been so AWOL. I've been reading up a lot on Natural birth and the whole nine yards, and when I get obsessed on the topic I become one track minded. It's a bad character flaw, actually. I have been thinking about you guys and everyone here on the board. I've been praying for everyone nightly.

We are doing fine. Mina is so three right now and asserting herself like crazy! She's finally discovered the wonder that is Daddy, and she goes to him like a bee to honey:) The baby is fine, too. I'm 29 weeks or just a little under....she's due in the beginning of September, and hopefully she'll be born at home as is the plan. I'm so excited about that! She's a real mover and shaker, but as of yet, her nickname is Peanut cause we can't decide on a name, lol!

Cleterman is doing fine, though he was driving us crazy for about 2 weeks there. As you know he is accident prone, and he must've sprained his paw somehow. Well, he was just constantly yipping and jumping down the back stairs and standing there for half an hour at a time. He finally healed up from whatever it was, so now he only yips on occassion (I think he pulls a hair too hard or something...hee hee!) He sends you guys puppy kisses and drippy noses like crazy!

How is your little clan doing? I really have to start emailing you again. Ugh! I hate being a slacker! Hugs to you guys and hope you're doing great.


PS, here's a preggo pic.



[url=[/img][/url" target="_new" rel="nofollow">">[/img][/url]

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(Login mom2rhett)

Julie!!! You Look Beautiful!!!!

June 24 2008, 6:58 PM 

I wish I looked that good when I was pregnant!! When is your due date? Mina is going to make the best big sister ever!!

Pam, wife to Andy,
Mom to, Dakota, 12yrs
Hunter, 9 yrs
Chloee, 6 yrs
Rhett , 2yrs (T21)

Check out our blog, just click on the button below!!

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(Login Minasmom)

Thanks Pam!

June 24 2008, 9:11 PM 

Her due date is September 9th, so we'll see how long I gestate for. I think Mina will be a great big sister after about a year of hating the little usurper, lol!

As for the pregnancy, I'm sure you looked absolutely radiant. We are our own worst critics! But thanks for the compliment.

Now if you could tell this little bugger in the womb to move around a little more today, I'd appreciate it! She's been too mellow today, and that always makes me nervous.


[url=[/img][/url" target="_new" rel="nofollow">">[/img][/url]

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(Login Chelseasmommy)

what a hottie!

June 24 2008, 9:41 PM 

you're so cute pregnant! i NEVER looked that cute! and a home birth, wow! i hope everything goes perfectly and i can't wait to hear all about it!

Carey, mom of Logan, 3(4/23/03), and Chelsea (T21), 1 (1/10/06)


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(Login Minasmom)

You guys are so sweet!

June 24 2008, 11:03 PM 

I'm not THAT hot, lol! But hey, I'll take any compliments I can get! How is little miss doing? I've been praying for her, and just hoping she is feeling ok. I should really check out your blog.

As for the home birth, God willing it will happen. DH is sort of worried, but he's being a good sport. We've got a hospital really close by, and EMT's are just a couple blocks away, so I'm not scared. But it's all up to Peanut here to decide when she's gonna come, so hopefully she'll play along:)

Please give Chelsea a hug and smooch from me and Mina. She's just so freaking adorable!


[url=[/img][/url" target="_new" rel="nofollow">">[/img][/url]

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