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We are a group of friends who have come together because we share the common bond of caring for someone who has Trisomy 21. We are here to share therapy tips, medical issues, laughs, accomplishments and yes, even frustrations. We embrace what Trisomy 21 has brought into our lives. We feel that it has taught us to appreciate the true meaning of life. We count our children as blessings! We will fiercely protect them and fight for their lives to be valued just as all other peoples' are. We share our pictures, our stories and our hearts here not only to provide friendship and support for each other, but also in the hopes that others will open their minds and their hearts to our unique children and, in turn, make a better world for everyone.

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Where were you 7 years ago today?

September 11 2008 at 10:47 AM
Naomi  (Login artist30)

I was totally unaware of what was going on that morning, watching something on t.v on my day off. My now husband David called me and told me to turn it on the news, I thought what I was seeing was a video of a movie being know where it goes from there. The following month I became pregnant with my first child, we were pretty thankful that we still had each other. So sorry so many people lost their loved ones that an instant.

I worked in the theme parks so the following day was pretty bizzare, planes and military helicoptors flying overhead, guests very quiet trying hard to temporarily forget what happened the day before so that they could still have a "good time" on their planned vacation.

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Jennifer- Momma to Brady
(Login GrandForks)

Re: Where were you 7 years ago today?

September 11 2008, 10:57 AM 

I was at home getting ready to go to work. My husband who just got off the night shift was watching CNN when they interrupted with breaking news. He immediately thought terrorists. I did not. I did not know what to think-- maybe airplane troubles I guess -- because who would/could ever do such a thing.

Lots of extra thoughts and prayers going out to the families who lost loved ones on this terrible day 7 years ago.

Jennifer-Mom to Brady 11-8-04, Benjamin 2-01 and Ava 5-06

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(Login rose23420)

Re: Where were you 7 years ago today?

September 11 2008, 11:06 AM 

I was home. I was actually out of a job at the time. I had fallen asleep the night before on my couch with the TV on. I woke up right as they were saying "this is what we were afraid was going to happen", the second tower was collapsing. I thought that they were doing a planned explosion of a hotel in Vegas or something, and the building next to it accidentally got blown up too. Then after a few minutes I figured it out. Such a tragic day. My heart goes out to anyone that lost a loved one. And to all the military spouses supporting our men and women that protect our country.

Mom to Zachary 06/15/04 and Hannah


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(Login mom2rhett)

I was in the hospital.....

September 11 2008, 11:21 AM 

I was in my first trimester with Chloee (the ONLY child I had any type of morning sickness with) and I hadn't been able to eat or drink anything for 4 days. I was in the hospital room, and I had fallen asleep with the TV on channel 2.

I could hear what the reporters were saying but I was so drugged up on meds that I couldn't come out of my fog and totally thought I was dreaming. Then my mom called and jolted me out of my sleep to see if I had seen what was going on.

I remember all of the nurses just kept coming in when they weren't busy and watching it in awe. There were about 5 of us in the room and we just sat there and cried. I couldn't help but think, oh my goodness, what type of a world am I bringing this baby into?

Andy came later that night after he got off work with the two boys and we all just sat in my hospital bed and held each other.

My cousin actually works for the CIA and she was standing at the base of tower one getting ready to go in about 15 min before the first plane hit. She got a phone call from her boss telling her that he needed her to come meet him and Statton (sp?) Island.

Soon after she relocated here back to Utah.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those that lost their loved ones in this horrible attack.

Pam, wife to Andy,
Mom to, Dakota, 12yrs
Hunter, 9 yrs
Chloee, 6 yrs
Rhett , 2yrs (T21)

Check out our blog, just click on the button below!!

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(Login RaisingJoey)

In the shower when the 1st plane hit...

September 11 2008, 11:43 AM 

I was still living at home with my parents and was actually in the shower getting ready for work when the 1st plane hit. My mom knocked on the door and told me a plane just hit one of the World Trade Centers. At that point terrorists never even entered my mind. So I finished my shower, grabbed my makeup bag and went into the family room with my parents to watch the news and finish getting ready. Suddenly the other plane hit as we were watching the TV and my eyeliner went halfway down my cheek (no joke). I couldn’t believe it! Then we realized it had to be terrorists and not long after that the 3rd plane hit the pentagon. I went ahead and left for work at the bakery to hear on the radio that a 4th plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

I lived in Dayton, Ohio about 20 minutes from Wright Pat Air Force Base. Later on that afternoon, sitting at work, there was a HUGE explosion sound. It actually was loud enough to shake the windows of the store I worked in. Suddenly it can across the news that a plane had just crashed into the Dayton VA Medical Center. Of course this DIDN’T HAPPEN. The news crews were a bunch of idiots, who saw smoke coming from that area of town and heard the explosion and put two and two together. The smoke was from a brush fire right outside of the VA. The local news never gave an apology for their mistake. The worst part was that this put many people in Dayton in panic mode including my family since my mother works out at the VA. Come to find out that the explosion we heard was 2 fighter jets going to escort Air Force One and when the took off they made a sonic boom.

Of course, no one was coming into the bakery that day, so we closed early and I went home to watch the TV. It didn’t really hit me until that evening what had happened that morning and the extent of what had happened. I sat at home by myself and wept for all the victims and their families.

Lilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker
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(Login maxnemmasmom)


September 11 2008, 11:43 AM 

I was in my 25th floor apartment talking on the phone. Emma was a baby. My friend interrupted me to say the towers had been hit. We got off the phone and I turned on the TV. Everytime a plane went overhead I felt nervous.

Cris,Max's mom

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Melissa & Garrett
(Login mhart71)

I was painting my living room

September 11 2008, 12:02 PM 

and had the t.v. on. Thomas was at preschool, and Kaleigh was playing in the playroom. Since I was the one with the news on, I was the one making the phone calls, telling family what was going on. I saw the second plane hit, and was shaking so badly, I couldn't dial the phone. We live near a small airport, and for weeks afterwards, we had military planes flying overhead. Our town also lost 3 people, and every year we have a large gathering on out town green. Today we have a dedication of a new sports complex, in memory of one of the men who died. His wife has been raising money for 7 years in his name. There will be a piece of the towers on display permenantly.

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(Login mama2emma)

I was at work in downtown Philly, and had just gotten a call from the doctor...

September 11 2008, 12:12 PM 

...confirming that I was indeed pregnant. I called Chad to tell him, and he told me to get to a tv asap. I had to call my mom in AZ and tell her I had good news and bad news - she was going to be a grandma, and terrorists had hit the World Trade Center.

It was the most surreal day. People in downtown Philly were freaking out because there was a rumor we were next. They stopped all the trains, and I had to find someone to get a ride home with. It took me hours to get there, people were just frantic. When Chad made it home, we just held each other - we were so excited I was pregnant, and so devastated by what had happened.

Amy & Emma (6 years old!)

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(Login momtoelliotandnora)

Re: Where were you 7 years ago today?

September 11 2008, 1:20 PM 

I was home on a medical leave from work - pregnant with Nora and sicker than a dog. I too was on the couch, thinking that I was watching a movie. It was horrid. I remember calling the office (I was in charge of PR at a local university). I knew that we needed to get something in motion to help. It was chaos. The weeks unfolded and things just kept getting more surreal. The strangest thing happened too. Jeff and I were in NYC TWO WEEKS before it happened – there at a work conference. I have a photo of the two of us with the towers prominently positioned in the background. I had picked the photos up on September 10.

Thanks for this thread!

Michelle - momma to Nora (2-12-02), Elliot (8-8-06 Ds), and Isaac (9-7-07)

Peek at Elliot's blog:


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(Login mom2alex)

I was at work and Alex in school

September 11 2008, 1:26 PM 

I was at work when my mom emailed me, I immediatly tried to get on but the website was so flooded I couldn't get in. So turned up my tv radio and stood around with a bunch of coworkers listening in dismay.

We were then ushered into the lunch room and told to go home at that time the plane that would eventually crash in PA could not be located and being less than 40 minutes from DC they said go, get your families etc. So I left work and ran to Alex school, he was in elementary school at the time and the scene was utter chaos picking up your kids.

Do you know Alex still remembers the day down to every detail. He spoke about it this morning on his way to school.

I can't believe it has been 7 years.

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Rhonda and Alex
(Login luvmypeanut)

I was on my way to work, listening to Bob and Tom when

September 11 2008, 1:57 PM 

they said they had breaking news, a Cessna had hit one of the towers. A bit later they said it wasn't a Cessna, it appears to be a bigger plane and waiting for more info. Went into work and they had hit the 2nd tower. They were saying 4 planes were unaccounted for..... I remember wanting to go get Alex at daycare and just go home. We weren't allowed to leave work either. The world seemed out of control that morning....

Omaha was one of the places Bush stopped that day. I remember being terrified of having him here (he landed about 1:30pm and we still didn't know for sure if attacks were over or not) and we were all wishing he'd fly the hell out! LOL That was the day the huge recon plane starting flying... non stop 24/7. I hated that plane.... flew so low.....very scary. It still flies today, only not 24/7. I still feel eerie hearing it and watching fly over.... takes me back to that day.

I remember a few days later, everyone emailing the video of people jumping. I cried.

Rhonda and Alex (8 yrs)

imikimi - Customize Your World

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(Login Eema6)

I was in school; we were not allowed to listen to the radio

September 11 2008, 2:22 PM 

and we didn't have computers in our rooms at the time. Initially, the school administration decided not to tell the staff, but our cell phones started ringing as our spouses and families called to talk...then the parents started arriving at school to pick their kids up...even though there had been no announcement of school being closed...everyone just wanted to be with their families. i remember that dh and i had to force ourselves to turn off the tv in the evening because we just did not want our kids to see the towers falling over and over again.

may the memories of those lost that day seven years ago be a blessing for their families.

Debbie and Binny (10/24/02)

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(Login shawensmom)

Re: Where were you 7 years ago today?

September 11 2008, 3:25 PM 

I was at my desk when my boss came running out of his office asking where in New York three of my coworkers were. They were across the street from the towers. I was talking throughout that day and the next couple to the families of two of them - sharing information we knew about them as they worked on getting themselves out of the city.

My boss had me call the office they were scheduled to visit, and the receptionist who answered the phone was hysterical because her dad's office was in the towers.

Lots of tough conversations, although they all made it home safe and sound -


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(Login Chelseasmommy)

first weeks of school, first year of teaching

September 11 2008, 3:33 PM 

i had 2nd graders and was pulled out of the classroom for an inservice. administration was trying to keep their cool and keep everyone relaxed they wouldn't really tell us anything. it was so scary. we were dismissed as soon as the kids left. they told us to get gas and get home. my kids were crying, visibly upset, they knew something was happening. it was in the inner city, KC. i'll never forget that day.


Carey, mom of Logan, 5 (4/23/03), and Chelsea (T21), 2 (1/10/06)


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(Login momtojesse)

I was at work

September 11 2008, 3:39 PM 

I went down to the cafeteria to get a cookie and saw everyone with eyes attached to the tv and thought wow everyone is watching. Then someone told me what happened and I joined them. It was such a sad day. That was before dh and I were dating, but he was on his way home from a military deployment when they turned the ship around and announced what happened. My husbands air craft carrier was the first to drop bombs on al-Qaeda. They wrote messages on the bombs for Bin Ladden that I can't post on here due to normal sailor language. Sorry for rambling.

My prayers go out to all that had lost loved ones that day.

mom to Jesse 07/2005


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(Login LoveMySon5)

I had just gotten up and was

September 11 2008, 4:31 PM 

on the computer, Mike was watching TV and said some plane just hit one of the towers in New York....I was like, WHAT? How could they just hit one ? So I went to the tv and I saw the second plane go into the second tower...I was stunned, I felt sick to my stomach...I just kept saying, what is happening ? When those towers fell, I felt so , man it is hard to explain...I felt numb, deeply saddened cuz I knew I just watched thousands of people die I will never forget that feeling, it is just hard to describe...I could not sleep for weeks after, and if I woke up and heard a plane I tensed up....I cant imagine what you all went through down there...Just such a heartbreaking day and one that I will never ever forget!

Glitter Maker

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