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I need feedback please!

June 13 2005 at 12:33 AM
Marla  (Login lynns_wife)

I'm going crazy! Has anyone had experience with occasional anovulatory cycles and can you tell me what generally happens when this happens???

This is day 30 of what are usually 24-26 day cycles. On the 20-22 days, I had very unusual uterine cramping, deeper than period cramps. I felt as if there was a sort of pressure thing going on. The worst was Sunday night, the 22nd day, I had to use a heating pad. This was accompained by some nausea, with nausea occuring occasionally since than. The cramping has stopped for the most part, only a few times since has it happened, and only mild. It feels somewhat like pre-AF cramps, but somehow slightly different. I have felt more bloated than normal, I don't usually bloat alot with my AF. And I have had CM all month. Sometimes it feels as if AF spotting has started, but nothing but CM! I don't have any strange or foul odors to speak of. My breasts are not real tender, just slightly, but than what PMS I have includes tender breasts.

SO, where I'm at is I don't know if I ovulated last time as I didn't have the usual ovary pain. (I don't temp, it was literally maddening for me.) But I have for the most part always felt the ovary pain, which lets me know it's happening. And even more unusual than that is my last period was normal....with the exception I had light spotting from day 5-10, which has not happened before. I'm usually done by day 4 or 5.

So I started with an unusual period, after that I never really confirmed O'ing, and now I'm 4-6 days late, but got a BFN last night when I tested with FACT Plus. I've NEVER been late without being pregnant. I'm going CRAZY!!!

One other thing that is different is that when I had this last AF, I had been on Fertilaid for about 10 days before it came. So I don't know if the herbs in this product are messing me up or what! Anyone else use Fertilaid and have any unusual cycles after starting it? It contains Vitex and I seem to find conflicting information on Vitex. (By the way I only took the product as I felt it might increase my odds for a quicker conception, I didn't start taking it because I don't ovulate or cycle regulary, cause up until now, I've been totally regular). I'm 43 yrs young so of course now I'm freaking thinking this is a sign of Perimenopause and that will decrease my chances even more!!!! sob

So, with anovulatory cycles, does one have any symptoms other than no AF? And if this is an anovulatory thing going on, when will I start AF? And how late will it be? And will I still ovulate as if AF did come and if so, how do I know when to calculate that to be????? (Has anyone else in the house lost their mind with me yet???)

Feedback please ladies.......Thank you sooooo much for listening and caring. I've been at this for 16 months now, dealing mainly with a DH, and I mean DEAR husband that suffers from moderate+ impotence. It's been a long journey, and we thought that maybe we had actually done it this time, but it doesn't seem so. And FYI, we don't have a fertility specialist or doctor of any kind, don't have insurance or funds for it, so we are traveling this road learning and trying all we can on our own.

ME 43
DH 45
10 children combined
Lots of horses
Ducks (Wild)
Geese (Wild)

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