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Positive Article -- Mentions stress and altenative medicine

July 19 2005 at 11:06 AM
Brandy  (Login BBomb)

TURNING BACK THE REPRODUCTIVE CLOCK: New Science, Old Wisdom By Randine Lewis MSOM, L.Ac., Ph.D.

I almost didn't post this one here because I'm the one who is "only going to do things from double blind studies", but it is so positive to our plight and it answers a lot of questions about why people who are doing the alternative routes do the things they do.

I do not mean to put down anybody else’s path, but I'm frustraited byt the lack of some real numbers and references. I know they track conception rates across clinics and I know that different clinics have vastly different rates. It's hard to know if she just talks a good game or if she really is on to something. We know that through out time, some women conceived into their 50’s and even 60’s. Every doctor is going to get “lucky” sometime. The longer I read this board, the more agony I see from women who are willing to try anything, and the angrier I get at people who are not very careful in what they say.

On the other hand, I do see a few common points with good old, western, double blind medicine. Good nutrition is a huge one. Another (and I wonder if the big thing that works on this program as opposed to the “normal” infertility clinics) is the stress reduction training. That lines up with the Brown and UC studies that show 80 to 90 percent plus increases in conception. (Remember – I’m going to school to get my PH.D in psychology, so I guess it’s not surprising that I would zero in on that point!)

Here are some quotes that I found especially interesting:

"The biology of the ovary itself is remarkably intelligent and interactive with the rest of the body. It is, after all, the source of all human life on this planet. Our body knows how to protect it, too. If a little boy gets mumps or a high fever, he may become permanently sterile. Not so a little girl. Her ovaries, although deep within her body, are protected from their surroundings before the process of meiosis is initiated"

"About four months before this particular egg’s domain is selected to be the lucky ovulatory one, ... In a perfect, non-stressed milieu, the messages will be clear, and the egg will be healthy. However, if any of three factors are substandard, the health of the egg will reflect the state of the rest of the body:

1) If nourishment is poor,

2) if the hormonal cues have been interrupted, or

3) if the blood flow has been compromised"

"When we encourage a woman’s body to return to more youthful reproductive condition, then the ovaries produce and release eggs in the same way they did when we were younger. This assumption was confirmed in a recent scientific study where the ovaries of menopausal rats were transplanted into hormonally youthful rats’ bodies. Guess what? The ovaries resumed ovulation"

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