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Hi All: another anovulatory cycle for me...ugh...but some hope (LONG)

October 2 2005 at 11:07 AM
Shelly  (Login SShelly)

I have not been posting lately due to some family issues (mother)...but I feel a need to share where I am at this point...

Focusing on my mothers health and condition has kept my mind off of my own TTC issues for the last month...however, having gotten her on a somewhat hopeful path (alternative therapy)...I am now back to looking at my own situation.

Its interesting how life sometimes reaches out to help---even when you are least focused on your own issues---to send you a little help, hope or assistance--IF you are paying attention. What do I mean by this?

Without getting into the details of what is going on with Mom....just know that I dove into research and found a clinic focusing on alternative therapies for a myriad of conditions---not the least of which is heart disease. I flew down to take my mother for a consultation (Florida) and met the doctor on duty that day. Turns out he is not the founding doctor or the main doctor who runs the clinic---he is a regular fill-in for the founding doc who is often off on lectures and practices at several locations. This particular doctor, I will call him "Dr. Health", has his own alternative medicine practice in Naples, Florida. One of his primary focuses is on women's hormone levels...treated with both natural and synthetic substitutes.

Mom was at this clinic for other purposes (Chelation Therapy with EDTA) and had her consultation with Dr. Health in the morning and by that afternoon, she started her first 3 hour treatment (substance administered via IV). I was impressed with this man's cautious but hopeful attitude that perhaps (against all odds typical western med docs give Mom) that he believes this new therapy may help her. He mentioned that he suspects her thyroid level is off and mentioned that his own practice was alternative medicine and women's hormones was a focus of his.
His style was laid-back, confident and inquisitive. I took Mom back two days later for her second treatment. But, I kept thinking about his background and decided to ask for a consultation.

While I knew he was not a "fertility specialist"...he is a man who researches the latest infomation and is very knowledgable about the balancing of women's hormones so I thought, what the heck. Right now, all I have is a regular doctor here in Colorado and a limited and negative consult with an RE who refuses to work with, I need a little support. Maybe this guy could be it?

I filled out the paperwork and cringed as I wrote "46" in the age box...bracing myself for what I suspected would be that look the docs give you: One: of pity and assumed ignorance or the other: flat out "this is never going to happen are you crazy?"...

I went in and was sitting while he reviewed my paperwork (including age) and told him of my believed mis-carriage in July followed by my subsequent jolt of provera in August(from the negative RE) to jump start AF. I told him that I was now 35 days (at that time) into yet another anovulatory cycle for September. I also shared with him my past struggles (last winter and early spring) with my thryoid levels with increased doses of synthroid (now stabalized).

I basically told him that I was looking to check all my hormone levels (including dhea) and see if he would work with me to balance them so I could TRY to get pregnant again. He said, "That's a resonable goal" ...

"Reasonable goal"? Reasonable goal??? No lectures, no immediate warnings, no "are you crazy" looks...WOW.

He went on to say that he would only work with me if I found an OBGYN in my area and wants a stress test, a cardiogram and an updated mamogram. I have a recent (spring) set of bloodwork and pap that I need to have sent to him.

He sent me home with a Quest diagnotics lab RX for over 17 tests...including Estradol, testoterone, LH, FSH, progesterone etc. He is testing my DHEA and TSH, T-3, T-4 and other things I can't remember at this writing. He suspects that my progesterone is too low which is why I miscarried and one of the reasons why I am not having regualar cycles. Also, I told him that I am aware that I am most likely perimenopausal at this point and sliding quickly into menopause. He did not hesitate to say that "we'll make that determination once we get test results and put you on a regimine and re-test".

We talked about DHEA. He takes it. This man is 69 and VERY vigorous and upbeat about the new research. He said he would be prescribing my dose (assuming that I have low levels of DHEA) in syringe form. UGH. I will have to take daily shots of this...but he insists that this is the best way to get the benefits into my system.

So, I tell you all of this because I am at least hopeful that I can TRY to get my system back onto regular cycles so I can attempt this "natural" preganancy wish against all odds. CATHERINE posts over 45 pregnancies regularly and I am bolstered by those incredible stories.

Either way, as I discussed with Dr. Health, I will be preparing my body for DE. I will, in three months time, be the most healthy I can be. I will continue accupuncture and herbs and am working hard to kept a healthy diet. Organic meats at home --- although when out it is hard, more fruits and veggies, little to no caffiene and limited to no sugar.

Time will tell...but this is my committment for now.

Boy, this is lots of work! To find the time to do all the test going to be a challenge.

I will call my regular doc on Monday and see if I can get in to ask her for Rx for stress test, cardiogram and mamogram and a referrel to a proper OBGN (she did my last pap). I will go in for bloodwork on Tuesday and may not get results for 2 weeks.

Well...that's about it. Sorry this is so long.

To all of you who have been successful (so many recently) I congatualte you. What a long and winding road we are all on.

To those of you who are still trying...KEEP TRYING. Most of attention. Life may be trying to send you messages or give you opportunities to lead you in the right direction. In the midst of focusing 100% on my mother--this doctor was just what I needed. Calm, rationale and focused on what my body will tell him ---NOT MY AGE.

Just thougt I would share this with any of you struggling to find hope.


Age: 46 ttc
DH: 45

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  1. Shelly, your post was inspirational for me - Joyce on Oct 2, 2005, 12:02 PM
    1. Thanks Joyce. What is going on with you? What is your age?...your protocol? - Shelly on Oct 2, 2005, 6:53 PM
  2. Shelly. Thank you for posting this... - Jadu on Oct 2, 2005, 1:42 PM
    1. Jadu...I live in Colorado at the moment and this doc is in - Shelly on Oct 2, 2005, 2:27 PM
      1. Hi Shelly! - Jadu on Oct 3, 2005, 9:21 AM
  3. I'm so glad you found someone..................m - Tracey D on Oct 3, 2005, 9:06 AM
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