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New to Board...but not to Fertility Meds/Follicle follies...help! a bit long.

January 5 2006 at 4:15 PM
Chloe  (Login Chloe77)

Hello everyone..
Have been lurking for a few weeks on and off, and have learned so much from all of your postings-what a great group of women, please forgive my lack of abv. usage- I am just learning them all. Here goes...I have a unique situation. I am trying to conceive via IVF-due to mainly my husbands' factor. After an amazing career and life of travel, I finally got married at 39, and almost a year later began seeking out a Doctor etc. to start this procedure. It is the only way I can get pregnant using my husbands's sperm and my eggs...By time all tests were done & I was approved for the start of a cycle I had turned 40-however do not feel or even look my age for that matter, but as we know our ovaries etc. do not care!. I thought I would have no problem stimulating on the drugs etc..my fsh is ok around 9.0 etc. , very healthy , fit, non smoker ,have given up caffene, drink once or twice a month, yoga accupuncture(now) etc., was pregnant before in my early 30's-anyway, My first cycle was a bust..I mean absolutely nothing happend, I didn't even get side effects!...I was on Gonal F(4 75 iu vials) and Repronex(2 75 iu vials) per night for five evenings...after my first sonogram etc..they saw nothing at all!! also know we were not doing those injections 100 percent correct so that had to have something to do with it...the next cycle they upped my gonal f dosage and threw in clomid to help things along...had some severe side effects to this and ended up with two follies...both at a good size one almost 20 the other 18, with my estradiol numbers good..but after 7 days they cancelled my cycle saying i need 3 follicles or more to proceed & that one of the follies was too dominant..will resume another cycle in Feb. will meet with Doctor to discuss protocol changes etc..am not open to using donor eggs and/ or sperm right now...but if push comes to shove will do the donor sperm and an iui..but am hoping for many follicles next time..Does anyway have any suggestions as to what I should say to the Dr. , I meet with him in a few weeks.or does anyone have any advice about cycles and how you may have more follicles as they progress or tips to help them along.....thanks so much and sorry for the long post.
Happy New year!

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(Login MichelleinWa)

What kind of suppression were you on for your IVFs?

January 5 2006, 5:26 PM 

That is, did you take BCPs or lupron before starting stims? I think that is the first thing I would discuss changing given the less than ideal response. It could be that whatever method they used to suppress you was too much for you to overcome.

You may need to not take BCPs or use micro-dose, rather than full strength, lupron. Alternatively, it may be better for you to do an antagonist (Centroide) protocol rather than one with suppression first. I hope you get to discuss all of these possibilities with your doctor and one turns out to be the right approach for you.

ttc #3 (#1 for DH)

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(Login Chloe77)

Thanks..for responding

January 5 2006, 6:38 PM 

I wasn't on any kind of suppression...I mentioned lupron to the dr. that was checking my sonogram(not the chief Dr. whom I see) anyway she said that lupron may result in too much suppression for my system or something like that...I was literally on the gonal f and repronex for five days-and that was it, nothing else. Will mention it again at my Dr.s ' meeting..Thanks so much for your suggestions...keep 'em coming..C

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(Login kk62)

Hi Chloe,

January 5 2006, 7:43 PM 

Sorry to hear you did not respond well, and I'm right there with you. I am also a poor responder. I tried IVF early last year with microdose lupron and highest doses of Follistim after a month of bcp. I got three decent follies, only two eggs retrieved, and no fertilization. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed. The doctor did tell me at the time that they had in the past had a woman of 42 (my age then) get pg with only two eggs retrieved, so I cannot understand why the docs would cancel your cycle when this is the only way for you to get pg with Dh's sperm. Are you self-pay and they are trying to save you money? Are they going to do ICSI? If this is the only way for you to succeed with your own eggs, then by gosh I'd want to finish it! Of course, if you are self-pay, I think it should be your choice. I also thought the bcp suppression with micro-lupron maybe have played a part, but that turned out to not be the case. Anywhoo, I seem to respond better to clomid than the recombinant fancy smancy drugs, but I do have some uncomfortable side effects. Due to insurance not paying for me for a year, I had tried the one self-pay IVF, then on my own or with clomid and timed intercourse. When insurance kicked back in and I was almost 43, I sat down with the doc and told him that if insurance would pay for me to get two eggs then I wanted insurance to pay for two eggs. It's better than one. I had to do some IUI's first (didn't work), but I'm just today starting my new protocol for my IVF. It's much different than before..no suppression, using follistim/clomid(just dealing with the side effects)/repronex. We'll see in a few days how things are going, but if I get two eggs then we're going all the way (with ICSI). I guess I don't have any suggestions on how to increase your follie numbers other than trying different protocols, but I'm not one who has shown a huge difference with changed protocols (yet!). Hopefully you will get the requisite three next time, so it won't be an issue, but if only two, I'd consider going forward (costs willing). Should be your choice. Good luck, kk

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(Login Chloe77)


January 5 2006, 10:10 PM 

hi Karen:
Thanks so much for your story...this is all new to me. I will discuss my protocol in detail with my doctor in a few weeks. I am sure you will have success one of these days-that is what I am hoping for. I am also going to suggest that I go ahead next time-even if it's with two follicles..you only need one right? hopefully I have more..I also don't understand why they didn't use something like lupron. Will also investigate the other option you mentioned..we are paying out of pocket for the actual procedure..but not much for the drugs...or intitial monitoring or bloodwork...any other suggestions are welcome!! good luck...c

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(Login Joycetay)

Hi Chloe..welcome to the boards

January 6 2006, 8:19 AM 

I really hope that you are successful in your TTC efforts in 2006. I, personally, have had 2 IUI's and 3 IVF's....believe it or not...all with different protocols. My first IVF was cancelled due to only having 2 follicles and also my estrogen levels were quite low. The second IVF cycle, my RE took me off the lupron...and I produced 8 follicles...and they retrieved 2 eggs from that...both fertilized, but got a BFN. My next cycle, I produced 8 follicles again....and on retrieval day....all the follicles were empty except for 1....and that egg was too small to work with. So, I think that each cycle is different, but it is important that if a cycle doesn't work...that your RE change a protocol of some type. It would just make sense. Good luck to you.

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(Login Chloe77)

Thanks Joyce!

January 6 2006, 9:14 AM 

Thanks so much for the details of your cycles and protocols-and I hope you and everybody else is successful in their ttc efforts in 2006! I predict it will be a good year! Anyway, it is promising that your follicles improved...sorry to hear that nothing happened as a result. What was your age again?..anyway, I am just hoping to get to retrieval at this point. Would never have imagined that I would not respond well, but like you said, it may just mean a tweaking of my protocol. I have a younger friend(34), who started ttc at age 31, she would always produce many eggs, however after two failed ivfs and one failed iui, plus trying naturally -she was about to give up-but tried one stimulated cycle of iui and she is now pregnant with twins. I know she's a bit younger , but struggled with her fertility for about five years or more. I am not sure if something like lupron or bcp, would be good for me at this point-not sure how they would help, maybe that's why they didn't have me take either before I started. Actually , Im not sure what they do exactly...or if they are good for a 'poor responder'(which I hope to change) like me....thanks again..C

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