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How can you not O, but have all of the signs......

January 11 2006 at 8:12 PM
katie  (Login mommykate)

I had a follow up at my OBGYN today.....my CD 3, he said were good......my FSH was 5 and my LH was I think 2.3. My CD 21 progesterone over 3 cycles showed that I ovulated for 2 out of three.....one was 35 and the other 33 with this month being only 5????? I thought for sure I ovulated.....I have all of the tell tale symptoms.....temp rise, EWCM, sore breasts. I don't get it.....I guess I know I am not pregnant this cycle. I had an HSG this cycle and it showed that my left tube was blocked and the right was only slightly open. He suggested a Lap to see what is going on and to try and clear the tubes. I really do not get it at all. I really would of thought that I ovulated this month.....my body is playing tricks on me. He was very pleased with my hormone results and that I ovulated 2 out of three cycles. Oh well......anyone???

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(Login amberpine)

Hi Katie, your FSH is great. I have some questions.

January 11 2006, 9:54 PM 

How much was your temp. rise and did it stay high? I know that it's possible that a woman can experience EWCM but no egg is being released and sore breast may be due to an extra level of estrogen in LP.

Also if your don't mind me asking, how long have you been ttc and any pregnancies? I try to understand if preg. loss can cause or increase tube blockage. As I had no success after O-ing and BDing for near a year since a loss...Amber

Just turn 42 in Oct.
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(Login mommykate)

Amber thanks for the response.

January 12 2006, 12:08 PM 

My temp levels go from about 36.0 at around ovulation......up to about 36.4 and hover around there.....going up and down alittle. Sometimes they go up to 36.7 or so......the magic temp number when I had my successful pregnancies was 36.88.....that is where it stayed at and then without even testing I would know that I was on my way. I have had other babies but our youngest is 6 and in the last 5 years of TTC I had one early loss a while back. The OBGYN was surprised to see the state of my tubes on the HSG.....he expected the problem to more likely be poor hormone levels......but was surprised that they were as good as they are.
I am not familiar with exactly where the hormones should be at.....what are the normal to good ranges for FSH, LH and progesterone. I am in Canada, so I am not sure how the charts convert. I guess Pat would have all of this info.
Good luck to you Amber.
Take Care of yourself.

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(Login amberpine)

Your temp. looks right. It surely is pluzzling regarding

January 12 2006, 3:08 PM 

your test result on pregesterone. Could it be an error? You sound definitely have ovulated according to your temp. pattern. Of course, temp. could change depending on many things.

I have the same good experience regarding a high temp. Hope you get the puzzle figured out and keep us posted on how you do. Amber

Just turn 42 in Oct.
m/c in Aril, 2005
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(Premier Login satie37)
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Progesterone/LH and FSH are measured the same (m)

January 13 2006, 8:30 PM 

E2 in Canada is 4 X the US value. So a 50 in the US is a 200 in Canada. As for temping... I would DEINATELY NOT temp in C ... get a digital thermometer which does F and C. I have one and once I changed to F temping the patterns became ALOT clearer!

~ Pat

Pat - AKA - Satie37

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(Login MichelleinWa)

Hey, Kate -- Pat can definitely help with the conversions . . .

January 12 2006, 12:48 PM 

Did they measure your estrogen (E2)? If it is elevated from a cyst that could cause you to not ovulate.

The other two months sound great -- very nice P4 levels. A lap sounds like a reasonable thing to try if you are interested in continuing naturally. However, if you are planning on going straight to IVF, it would likely not be necessary (although you'll need to talk to your doctor to be sure).

Good luck and I hope you get things figured out.

ttc #3 (#1 for DH)

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