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Pop Up Stopper Information

June 7 2003 at 4:51 AM

Fox  (Premier Login pictures)

Response to LINKS

Equestrian posted some info to kill the pop up ads. I know they are a pain. I have the pop up add stopper myself, and it works great. In order for me to stop them for everyone, I would have to pay a big fee for the boards, which I am financially unable to do. So, try the free pop up stopper and that should make this board easier for you to use.

Here is Equestrian's post:
I know most of you have popup stopping programs, but I just wanted to share this just in case anyone here is having slow loading times here, like I was when I first started visiting...

The loading times on the Net54 boards are so much faster when I use the free PopUp Stopper available for download and located at .

I use Zone Alarm Pro as well, which does a great job providing customizable internet security and blocking popups and cookies, privacy items etc., so I don't get any popup ads anyways, plus it blocks ads/elements that take too long to load.
However I've been experimenting lately and leaving PanicWare's PopUp Stopper on some of the time and off some of the time, and for whatever reason, it blocks some of the elements that take longer to load on these boards. The pages load very quickly when I have PopUp Stopper turned on.When I have the PopUp Stopper turned off, the loading times on these pages are much much slower. Just wanted to share that in case anyone was interested in acquiring a free pop up stopper...
This one is easy to turn on and off too, if you need to allow pop up windows while surfing. You can turn it on and off with a click of the mouse for surfing that requires pop ups be allowed, or else you can leave it on and hit the shift key while you click on something to allow the pop up window.

Equestrian 24/38/38
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17/33/35+ - Bangs at 15 inches - Type 2CMii (3B underneath layer) Somewhat fine, slightly wavy (with curls on the underneath layer), light brown with gold and red highlights. To see more pictures, click on the gallery link found here:

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