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How To Measure Your Hair

July 30 2003 at 6:29 AM

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How To Measure Your Hair
by D.A. Fox

There are many ways to measure your hair length. The way we measure here on the Loom seems to be the easiest and most reliable way to measure your growth from month to month.

We start by bringing a tape measure to the front hairline, just above the center of your forehead.

While holding one finger on that end, bring the other end up over your head and allow it to fall down the back center of your hair.

You can have someone help you do the next step by having them straighten the measuring tape, then gathering your hair and sliding down to the tips. Where your ends reach is your measurement. If you do not have help, simply slide your hair and your tape measure together in one hand until you reach near the end. While holding tightly, bring the measuring tape and hair around to the front and see where your ends reach.

If your ends are not perfectly even, you may wish to measure from the longest point, or where the bulk of the longest hair reaches. It is easiest for growth measurements to go from the longest tips... even if there are only a few. This way you don't get confused over where you last measured down to. You could easily be off a quarter of an inch, and that would make your growth pattern appear to be down by 50%. I find measuring to the tips to be the most accurate if you are measuring for growth patterns.


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Shea Butter (from which I make my own leave-in)
MP Popular Mix Brush
Wood and Horn combs
Vitamins/Minerals/Herbal supplements

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