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Hi Laura. This has been an ongoing issue for my daughter

June 19 2012 at 2:42 AM
Daisy  (Login loochieuk)

Response to Re: nothing new

since she was born. She was a small baby even though full term. She lost weight from birth and I struggled to get weight on. It was always a stress and worry. She was on 2nd centile and even at age 5.5 she has just been measured with a BMI centile of just 4!

I spent many days and hours fretting about this. Her brother is like a control experiment! Was feeding them both the same, yet he was an average weight and is now at 65 on BMI centile while she is 4!

Anyway, I was referred to a paediatric dietician as my health visitor was concerned about her weight.

I was given a great recipe book and all the tips you have got regarding loading with GOOD fats and calories (please no Carnation milk, it is too sweet and not very healthy IMHO).

We were prescribed Pediasure milk supplement which I thought was good and easy to use - daughter did like taste.

However, it was so hard getting calories into her and I was so stressed out, we were referred to paediatrician at the hospital.

Anyway, to my HUGE relief, he said that she was just genetically built to be very thin and tall and that she was also a breastfed baby and the charts being used to measure her were from the 1960s (formula fed babies)!. He showed me the 2nd centile on the growth chart and said I should only contact him if she fell below this and otherwise to carry on offering a full range of healthy high calorie foods little and often.

This is what I did. She eats tiny, regular meals, grazing all day sometimes. She is tall and very thin and that is how she is built I believe. It is hard as I have no idea what her donors were like for info.!

It sounds like you are doing very well on offering the snacks as well as other suggestions from posters. It is extremely worrying though and I would just monitor her weight in conjuntion with health professionals.

I would investigate via GP Pediasure and ask your GP for a referral to a paediatric dietician (who can also prescribe supplements if necessary).

Here is the book I used which was very good for ideas:-

My daughter will always be tall and skinny! That is how she is genetically programmed.

I also wanted to say that it is really essential that she is always monitored by a health professional just to make sure that there are not other underlying health issues...

Best of luck,
D xxx

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