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Daycare or nanny

June 19 2012 at 9:34 AM
gr8tful1  (Login gr8tful1)

I have a part-time consulting business that I have pretty much tabled since DS was born. But, we really need the money.He loves to be around me at home and it is nearly impossible to get anything done. We are considering having someone watch DS about 4 hours a week so I can get some things done. (DH is rarely home due to work schedule and commute). We have several options (which is great)!

DS is 16 months old. He is very social--I take him somewhere so he can be with other kids almost every day (storytime, kindermusik, swimming, etc...) but these are all things that I have to stay with him at. He loves these things--actually giggles and is almost beside himself when he sees the other kids, especially older ones. He starts avoiding me as soon as I say it is time to go and throws a small tantrum when it is time to leave. He does have a little anxiety if the group size is too large and he doesn't have enough attention from the teachers. But, he is fine if they can stop and hold him for a bit. Any thoughts? Advice?

Anyway, we found what appears to be a great daycare at a local church that offers from one to four days of care a week from 9am to 1pm. I would start with one day a week due to his eating issues. When we visited there were two teachers for two kids so he did just fine when I left to use the bathroom and get the paperwork. In fact, he cried when I said it was time to go. But usually there are between 6-10 kids per two teachers. I've been told by another mom whose child was in the care for a few years that they are great and very good at holding and calming children. They told me that most kids do better coming twice a week, as it is not "new" every time that way. But, I don't want to do that quite yet, especially with his eating issues.

Another option is to hire a nanny. We found one that is flexible and has great references. I met her at the pool and didn't realize she was a nanny until she told me. She was great with the little girl. She would come to the house, which would be nice in terms of his eating and one-to-one care, but he wouldn't have the social aspect of a daycare. She costs a bit more, but at four hours a week the difference is not bad.

A third option is a "camp" at a local play center. They watch the kids for 2.5 hours--give them snacks and do kindermusik curriculum. This option is the furthest from home and most expensive, but may be a good way to wean him into being apart from me for a few hours. He LOVES this place and the owner keeps a good eye out on the kids, even when the parents are there.

I've read that being home with mom or dad is the best for the first two years of life. But, with DS being so social, I wonder if this still applies?

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