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brushing teeth - becoming huge problem...

July 1 2012 at 8:52 PM

sas  (Login sangelas)

I began brushing DS's teeth when he only had 2 or 3. He LOVED the little blue finger thing and would laugh and want more brushing (and, of course, bite the heck out of me). During a particularly busy couple months at work (I was at office until midnight or even later at times), I turned all this over to DH who, I can only assume, had a much different method that didn't involve playing. I believe it involved more holding him down on the changing table or in the high chair after eating and brushing away no matter whether he was ok with it or not.

I don't want to dwell on what he could have done or should have done (I've already done that to some extent and it, of course, doesn't get us anywhere but into a big argument), fact is, it is now a HUGE battle to get DS to brush teeth. He screams and cries and clenches his mouth shut and fights and just seems SO upset. He won't play with me and "Mr. Blue-Finger" any more and literally runs when he sees that little blue finger brush. It makes me so sad b/c he use to chase after me to get to Mr. Blue-finger.

I see all these cute suggestions on other sites about talk to him reason with him, let him see you brush your teeth, tickle him, have fun in the bath with it, etc, etc -- it simply doesn't work - I've tried for hours at a time for the last few weeks trying to make it non-upsetting to him and it just always culminates in holding him down and screaming. It would literally be a full time job trying to brush his teeth 3 times a day if I continue trying to reason with him this way, and, again, it usually ends up in a fight anyway. So what do I do? Do we hold him down and force him? Will he eventually NOT get so upset or is that just the wrong way to go about it.

It's truly the one thing that is just not working with him right now. He's 19 months so I really can't explain things to him or give him gold stars or even bribe him with toys much. I HATE seeing him so upset but if that's the only way, that's what we'll do. I just left him in tears after our latest wrestling match and it just breaks my heart, but I'll do it if I know it's the only way and it will get better.

Anyone else have this issue? Does it get easier if you force it? Can he be traumatized by continuing this? Should we just NOT brush his teeth for a while until we can reason with him? I truly don't know what to do.

I did see a post where the suggestion was to simply let them come to terms with brushing slowly even if the job doesn't get done. Has anyone here done this and did their LO still have healthy baby teeth by the time they began brushing finally?


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  1. We got DD a battery operated toothbrush.. - snorchy on Jul 1, 9:08 PM
    1. how old was she then? - sas on Jul 1, 9:30 PM
      1. I think she was about 2.5 or so. - snorchy on Jul 2, 10:10 PM
  2. Just like me - Thk on Jul 1, 9:49 PM
    1. thanks.... - sas on Jul 2, 9:53 AM
  3. Can you get him a baby toothbrush to use? - BlessedThistle on Jul 1, 10:04 PM
    1. I like the looks of this.... - sas on Jul 2, 9:52 AM
  4. yes, he can be traumatized.... - lauranz on Jul 2, 2:32 AM
    1. God that frightens me.... - sas on Jul 2, 9:56 AM
  5. Hi Sas - diaphanta on Jul 2, 4:09 AM
    1. read your previous post.... - sas on Jul 2, 2:37 PM
      1. Glad you found the original thread. - diaphanta on Jul 3, 11:45 AM
  6. agree with lauranz and diaphanta - niahm on Jul 2, 6:41 AM
    1. Google Baby Buddy's First Tooth Brush Only thing that worked for my special needs little - Murph on Jul 2, 7:48 AM
      1. They're also making a new brush called Baby Banana - Murph on Jul 2, 11:53 AM
        1. will do -- DS LOVES bananas! -- thanks n/t - sas on Jul 2, 12:22 PM
          1. Maybe try this? - BlessedThistle on Jul 2, 12:25 PM
            1. just ordered....nt - sas on Jul 2, 12:41 PM
        2. Oh yeah I bought this for my friend! - BlessedThistle on Jul 2, 12:22 PM
      2. Murph... - sas on Jul 2, 12:47 PM
  7. Take a break - Aufrecht on Jul 2, 10:13 AM
    1. I agree with the good ideas you've gotten - thesameboat on Jul 2, 10:31 AM
    2. I think it's "Spiffies," though. - Maggie in VA on Jul 2, 11:32 AM
      1. Mail order - Aufrecht on Jul 2, 12:15 PM
        1. with regard to Spiffies.... - sas on Jul 2, 12:21 PM
          1. My DD does swallow her toothpaste... - Maya3 on Jul 6, 2:26 PM
    3. Hear that, and . . . - Maggie in VA on Jul 2, 1:31 PM
  8. You ladies are WONDERFUL!!!! - sas on Jul 2, 12:45 PM
  10. SAS Never 2 busy 2 help out a friend. U were always there for me. See below - Murph on Jul 2, 4:38 PM
    1. Baby Buddy 1st toothbrush - SAS - my reply - Murph on Jul 2, 4:45 PM
      1. SAS - BTW- I never had to use the finger brush w/Baby Buddy - Murph on Jul 2, 4:47 PM
      2. buybuybaby.... - sas on Jul 2, 7:46 PM
        1. Buy buy Baby and Target /Ugh Must go on a budget because of both! - Murph on Jul 3, 8:09 AM
  11. I'd give him a break.... - Dee S. on Jul 2, 5:27 PM
    1. thanks Dee.... - sas on Jul 2, 7:49 PM
  12. Try what I do - cotton on Jul 2, 6:42 PM
    1. :) - sas on Jul 2, 7:53 PM
      1. Oh sas, I am laughing at this (and I WILL USE IT) - Bethlyn on Jul 2, 8:13 PM
  13. Make as if you're about to .... - brightside on Jul 2, 11:01 PM
    1. I like this! nt - thesameboat on Jul 3, 4:09 AM
    2. Hmmmm . . . - Maggie in VA on Jul 3, 8:52 AM
    3. LOL! - sas on Jul 3, 9:49 AM
  14. Hi - Beachbaby on Jul 3, 8:38 AM
    1. thanks for saying that Beach baby.... - sas on Jul 3, 9:52 AM
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