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A poop in the ER....

July 7 2012 at 9:49 PM

sas  (Login sangelas)

Thanks to all the ladies who posted below re my LOs high fever, lethargy and refusal to eat/drink.

I had decided within minutes after writing that post to take LO to the children's hospital in the city. Great reputation. I thought it would be nice to have techs who knew how to handle toddlers for bw, etc. unlike our December experience. Sure enough -- the whole visit was pretty impressive. We were in our own little room less than 10 minutes after walking through the door.

As for LO -- no sooner had the words "...and he's had no other symptoms other than the fever" come out of my mouth during my talk with the doctor than we heard (and smelled) the sure sound (scent) of diarrhea hitting the diaper, then another diaper, then another diaper. Doctor just smiled.

Went ahead and did bw to rule out internal infection. Ears, mouth, throat, nose, chest, all clear. He got a small antibiotic IV because his poor little system was so run down from what is apparently a nasty stomach virus, the doctor recommended it to ward off any opportunistic bacterial infections.

We JUST got home. We were there ALL afternoon and evening. Have to say, though -- not a total loss as I truly do like that hospital and the staff and won't hesitate to make that drive again if needed. It really makes a difference when you go somewhere where ALL the patients are wee ones and the staff really loves working with children -- rather than rolling their eyes when they see a crying, feverish youngster being strollered in. One stick for the IV (instead of 3 or 4), equipment truly geared towards these little patients, and plenty of toys -- every nurse had a little vial of bubbles to blow when the tears started and that certainly worked for my LO!

All we can figure out about the refusal to eat and drink is that it upsets his tummy. We were able to get him to drink warm milk (he won't touch cold now!), and eat a bit of banana a few times today. The doctor said it's not ideal but the milk should be good enough to get him past the stomach upset without dehydrating. He believes the fever will last another 2 to 3 days. So we are to continue doing what we've been doing.

Will check in with Ped in our little, remote town on Monday but -- honestly, I almost feel like selling our place and moving to the cool new condos they have just built next to that children's hospital. What a comfort that would be!

I do feel better ruling out all the really scary stuff and seeing a truly good children's hospital in action.

Thanks again!


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