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One of the strongest signs was when my father, ...m

July 27 2012 at 10:56 PM
Hope2009  (Login Hope2009)

Response to what was your 'sign' to keep going

who had passed away when I was 5, came to me...once long ago when I was ttc naturally. We were on our holidays and driving home from the ocean. I had fallen asleep in the van and I dreamed that my father was in a mist and slowly walking towards he got closer I saw that he had a newborn baby in his arms and the baby was wrapped in a pink blanket. He was reaching out to hand the baby to me when I suddenly woke up.

The really weird thing is that as I woke up we were driving by the home town that I had lived in with my family...and on the highway that my father had been killed on...I thought this was pretty strange and then after ttc for ages...we got pg the following month. Sadly I lost that pgcy and thought since I was in my early 40's that I would never have another baby...I kind of let everything go...and around this time I got pg with our last oe baby girl.

When we started ttc again...several years later after another m/c I was doing everything I could to conceive naturally b/c I couldn't justify doing an Ivf or anything since we already had a houseful of beautiful children...and still my heart told me to keep going.

I started going to acupuncture and during my sessions when I got into the deeply relaxed state again my father came to me...sometimes he was holding one baby and on several occasions he had two babies. I could just feel them in my in each arm and I was so happy and smiling. My father seemed so happy and was smiling approvingly. It was like he was saying...this is the right path to be on.

There were other signs as well but this was the big one that kept me on my path...when our first de DS was conceived I thought...well so much for the twin dream...but then we did our second FET and our twin DD's came to us....I'll nEver forget the first time I was able to hold our for each arm and I just looked at one and then the other...and I could just feel my dad in the room smiling.

I still feel him close to me as I raise these children. I do believe that our soulbabies choose us before they come to earth and my connection to our last 4 children was made long before they came to earth.

THK..I also believe in our dreams/visions...and when we dream anything there is power and energy it that...the other day I showed my children the vision board collage that I made over 20 years ago...and on the front of the board there is one baby, obviously a girl...and on the reverse of the board there is a picture of a dad with three little boys. Then there is another baby...another girl...and there is also a picture of a big family with lots of kids.

Now I did this collage when I was very career driven and I wasn't even sure at the time, consciously that I wanted children or a fmaily but that dream must have been there...placed deeply in my I am today....we had a DD, then 3 DS's came to us...then another DDd...and finally our de DS and our big family. So whether we have consious signs or not...our soul remembers and the signs come to us b/c we recognize the path that we must walk.

Well those are just my thoughts and's all pretty is so amazing how everything unfolds.

Blessings from Hope

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