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July 17 2015 at 6:57 AM
Leigh  (Login leigh74)

Response to what do i feed my dd who is 10 month


My DS didn't have a single tooth at 10 months and wasn't really interested in food until about 15-16 months, which worried me, but our pediatrician is an advocate of the "food before one is just for fun" mantra. He lived almost exclusively on breast milk until about a year. Even when he finally developed an interest, he wasn't into purees, so we mostly did baby-led weaning. The only purees he'd eat were fruits and veggies (wouldn't touch anything with meat or grains), so I blended a bunch of fruit/veggie combos and put them in reusable food pouches. He also liked (and still does) whole milk yogurt, which you can sometimes find in a pouch as well depending on your grocery store. He didn't like being fed, so those were easier for him than attempting to eat with a spoon at that age!

Regardless, this is pretty concerning. A month is a LONG time to not have milk/formula, especially at her age. She's probably lost quite a bit of weight. Have you been back to the pediatrician? I think you need to aggressively pursue this - it seems like she's either hurting (her throat? her mouth?) or she's developed an aversion. Either way, you need some help. Your pediatrician can refer you for a feeding evaluation and they can recommend either an occupational or physical therapist. Sometimes these referrals take time, so jump on it quickly. Also, there are usually private centers in addition to whatever the local children's hospital provides and they're usually easier to get into.

Keep us updated and good luck!

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