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That is pretty much the exact opposite from the values Girl Scout tries to teach!

August 17 2015 at 10:42 AM
Barge... WOW holy cow  (Login Kenny2006)

Response to reply to all above

I would call National about that. That is beyond disgusting. We had two girls with developmental issues in our troop when I lived in CA and although it was tougher for her to interact with the girls, it was important for her AND for them to have them in the troop. All moms insisted they play with her and play nicely - i.e. no exclusion, meanness, exercise patience and tolerance, invite her to all Bday parties the girls had, etc. I could tell her mom was surprised that we went out of our way to include her, even though her frustration tolerance and attention were very low (disruptive). Then that made me mad for them, that they were surprised to encounter kindness. Grrrr.

I honestly would call national and explain what happened. They can maybe point you to a different troop; even if it's not through her existing school, you may find a NICER bunch of girls (and moms) to grow up with. Grrrr! Did I already say that???

FWIW both of my kids have issues; DS will have an IEP going into second grade and DD has issues that haven't been formally diagnosed (ADD/ ODD, anger issues, VERY low frustration threshold, she is always tripping or running/walking into things - but she bottles it up and it all comes out at home, so although has not been very visible in school yet, a couple of girls have told her she is annoying. Grrr again. Will investigate in the next year or so if it starts to really hamper her ability to form friendships or to perform in school. In the meantime we are doing things like gymnastics for her balance and coordination, trying to work on safe outlets for her anger, etc). She is also gifted, in 97th %ile for language arts, etc, an avid reader. So with her it's a mixed bag.

Hang in there. It's not easy parenting a child who's even a little bit different. The difference between parenting my twins (who both have serious but differing issues) and parenting my 3rd who is SO EASY can't even be described. I love them all to death but wow, if they were all like DD2, I'd have ten LOL. ((Hugs)).

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