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My babies are 5 today!

October 30 2014 at 8:28 PM
Renata  (Login reyndog)

Holy moly. Where did the time go? The first 3 years of their lives felt like the longest years of my life, but now things are speeding up. I didn't think about our donor until a little while ago. I said a silent "thank you" to her for sharing her eggs to help create my perfect little boys. If anything had gone any differently, I wouldn't have them.

And DH...just because he always seems to make the dumbest decisions imaginable, only bought a new bike for Mr. A. Mr. M has his sister's hand-me-down which he started riding this summer. I told DH, "You don't get one twin a brand new bike and tell the other he should be happy with his hand-me-down and get him other, obviously inferior gifts". Sure enough, Mr. A was jumping up and down and screaming and Mr. M just sat there, "I don't get a new bike". He got over it pretty quickly when DH back-tracked and said he could share it, but I looked at DH and said, "I told you so". I mean, WHO DOES THAT? My father went to his grave telling stories about how his mother favored his older brother.

OK, back to appreciation. I am so grateful for my boys, my donor, and even my DH who shot his wad into a cup one day so that I could hold these boys in my arms and my heart. (You can laugh now. I know you're thinking about all the things WE women had to do to create our babies and how our DH's just shot their wads into a cup...). Ahem. Back to appreciation. I am grateful.

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(Login Hope2009)

Renata.....happy birthday....m

October 30 2014, 11:46 PM 

to your beautiful boys. I know how hard you worked to bring them onto the earth and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Also, it's OKAY to vent about the inconsiderate gift exchange...and the limited contribution DH's make. Those feelings are all a part of the journey.

Yeah, and didn't those 5 years fly by? The really funny thing is that I haven't aged AT ALL....When Will was born 5 years ago I was 49....and guess how old I am now?.....50....for every 5 years he ages...I only age 1 year...gotta love that!

I hope we stay connected so I'm still in your life, albeit as a cyber board sister...when our boys turn 10, 15, 20. It's nice to share these moments with women who were there when they were just dreams in our hearts.

Blessings from Hope

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(Login AlinAsia)

:) Happy birthday boys :)

November 1 2014, 5:53 AM 

Your DH needs a good slapping....but aside from that (upside, he remembered their birthday !), huge congrats on a big milestone. I'm finding it tough going with 1 (first time newbie wink.gif and here you are managing 3 kids ! (4 if you count your DH). Congrats mommy on successfully raising twins happy.gif


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(Login thesameboat)

Hope it was a great day!

November 1 2014, 6:24 AM 

Re: the bike. I might be OK with that IF the presents balanced out. If one gets a new bike and the other a used one, then the other gets the used scooter and the other a new one....

Though I think I might keep the hand-me-downs for non-gift gifts.

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(Login Blessed_Thistle)

Happy belated birthday, boys!

November 2 2014, 3:48 PM 

I confess I got Jonathan a new bike for their birthday and did not get Sarah one. So it's not only your H (though maybe it was pretty equitable otherwise, I don't even recall. My kids are used to only one of them sometimes getting a big gift though but having it balance out soon.) But as it turned out, after she tries his bike out we found she was ready for a bigger bike too so did not have to wait long for one.

Time is flying now. Keep enjoying every minute you can. happy.gif
CafeMom Tickers

CafeMom Tickers

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Maggie in VA
(Login maggie1961)

Congratulations and sympathy . . .

November 3 2014, 12:54 PM 

Yes, where does the time go. We got our twin boys pedal bikes for their 4th birthday, long after Bobby was ready. Unfortunately, in an attack of the stupids, I didn't consider how much smaller Freddy is, and we bought the same model for both of them. It was a smidge too big for Bobby, but he adapted quickly. Freddy just couldn't ride it at all. So I picked up a beater of a second-hand bike a size smaller for Freddy. Bobby threw a fit, crying "Why didn't I get a new bicycle, too?" Over this $10 beater bike. Then I foolishly tried to guide Freddy down the hill on the beater bike, but I lost control and he crashed into a curb. We almost can't get him on a pedal bike at all now sigh. Freddy's still on his glide bike (which he absolutely rocks, but still). Take care, Maggie (in VA)

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(Login DeeinNYC)

Happy Birthday

November 4 2014, 3:19 AM 

Happy Birthday to your boys!! They say the time goes fast. Keep enjoying your little men.

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