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Took a tumble, too :(

June 23 2015 at 12:44 PM
Serendipitous  (Login Serendipitous1)

I'm 18 weeks and falling all over the place. Was running into the bathroom to worship the throne with my morning sickness which is still going strong. I tripped and landed on my hands and knees. No bleeding or cramping and baby still has a heartbeat on the dopplar (which I got after consulting you ladies) although she seems far away, way more static and I only have it for a few seconds before she disappears. Could there be trouble/blood in there that is causing the static? Dr says since no blood or cramps no need to come in. Offered to check for a heartbeat but of course I've checked myself.

I'm also upset I can't feel baby moving yet, or not for sure any way. It seems everyone else feels it by now. Our anomaly ultrasound is on Monday and I'm so concerned.

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(Login Venellope)

Re: Took a tumble, too :(

June 23 2015, 4:23 PM 

I recently had a Doppler check at the doctor and they explained to me that they would catch the heartbeats and then it would fade because the babies are moving a lot at this stage- almost 17 weeks. . So likely that is what's going on.

Sorry you tripped but I think you are ok if you are getting the heartbeat however can you request ultrasound for piece of mind?

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(Login AlinAsia)

too early

June 24 2015, 5:32 AM 

I was always told that you don't feel the baby move (especially if this is your first pregnancy ?) until well after 20 weeks. It was 22 weeks + in my case (quite a bit after my anomaly scan) and all was fine. The anomaly scan is high-stakes for sure, but it's very special to see your little one on the screen for so long....

Good luck - I hope it is a window of enjoyment happy.gif After TTC for so long I know it is almost impossible to relax and enjoy being pregnant (at least it was for me)


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(Login Chrismal3)

Re: Took a tumble, too :(

June 24 2015, 7:00 AM 

As a mum of 7 and the last 2 being twins, I can honestly say I felt none of them move until about 24 weeks. I also could never feel more than one baby move when I had twins, not all arms and legs like others had told me. I hope you'll be fine.

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(Login leigh74)

As a fellow tumbler...

June 25 2015, 7:17 AM 

I can tell you that I wasn't reassured until I went in and saw him with my own eyes. My docs said the same thing - if I didn't have bleeding or cramping, I didn't need to go in. I was having a lot of pressure - not cramps, exactly, just pelvic floor pressure - and that's why I decided to go anyway. However, I think if you landed on your hands and knees, you're totally fine. My MFM said that it would really take a catastrophic fall with abdominal impact to harm the baby. I landed on my hip, but everything was such a blur, I wasn't sure I hadn't also hit my belly.

Not feeling movement before 20 weeks is very, very normal!! Amazingly, I started feeling this one around 16 weeks, but that was unexpected since I have an anterior placenta. With my DS, it was at least 21 or 22 weeks before I even felt a tiny twinge (anterior placenta with him as well). It depends on your body type, where the placenta is located, the tilt of your uterus, etc.. Don't let the lack of movement upset you!

Good luck with your scan on Monday.

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(Login green.elephant)

fish bowl

June 25 2015, 2:47 PM 

One thing that made me feel less stress after falling down the stairs while pregnant was that my OB said the baby is like a fish in a fish bowl - you can tumble all around and the baby just bounces around in there and is fine happy.gif

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(Login Serendipitous1)

I felt her kick!!!!

June 26 2015, 4:52 PM 

Thanks ladies. I just felt her kick when using the dopplar. It made that blaring noise it makes when baby moves and I felt a tiny punch. So I guess she is dancing and I'm just not routinely feeling her yet. happy.gif

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