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2 1/2 DROP second nap?

July 14 2015 at 4:59 PM
birdy1600  (Login birdy1600)

before you say "NO"
let em give you the elevator pitch (tee hee)

1. tweety is 2 1/2 has always been high strung hard to go to sleep etc.
we even had a sleep expert as she could not transition well to sleeping through night (let me know if you want her awesome tips)

2. now, she fights afternoon naps and wakes up PISSED and never seems to get back to her cheerful self
she sleeps hard like 2 hours and then is a mess till the next bedtime

3. so we have dinner etc 6 ish, bath etc. tear are there all the time

then bed, and she doesn't want to sleep. she is MAD

finally she sleeps.

her usual schedule up to about a month ago was
7 a.m. wake up
1 p.m. nap
3 p.m. wake up
6 30 p.m bath
7 p.m. lights out

here are some NOTES:
we have had a few upsets
we are weening her off baby bottles
(not an easy feat)

I've pushed through a nap or two in a day with her and she seems fine. sleeps better. thoughts?

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(Login thesameboat)

My DS is the same age

July 15 2015, 9:28 AM 

He sleeps a little less than your DD. Up at around 6:30, nap from around 12:30 to 2:00, and bedtime rituals start at 7 but lights out is usually not until 8.
My son still needs his nap and sleeps hard then, but maybe your DD doesn't need 14 hours of sleep. Maybe put her to bed a bit later in the evenings?

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(Login leigh74)

2.5 yr old here as well

July 15 2015, 9:57 AM 

My DS has never slept more than 10 hrs/night with a 2 hr (max!) nap during the day. He barely makes the minimum sleep requirements suggested, but that seems to be all he needs. For him, the afternoon nap is just not optional, for a couple of reasons: 1) he has to take one at school, and 2) even on the one or two days he's skipped the nap, he still doesn't sleep more than 10 hrs at night.

For your DD, I'd consider dropping the nap and see how she does. Many kids don't need 14 hours at this age, so I bet she'd be ok with 12 hrs/night.

Good luck. happy.gif

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(Login sophie6)


July 15 2015, 10:21 AM 

My DD was never much of a day time sleeper. At six months, she started napping for a total of one hour per day (yes-- really!! and it totally sucked for me!), and that pattern never changed. She gave up naps just before she turned three, briefly resumed them that Summer for a month or so, and then gave them up for good. If your DD seems happier without and sleeps better at night, it seems to me she no longer needs the day time sleep.

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Maggie in VA
(Login maggie1961)

Every kid is an individual re naps.

July 15 2015, 1:28 PM 

If Tweety has trouble sleeping at night, hates going down, and is super cranky on waking up, I'd just do a trial with not having one. I have one that wants and needs naps and one who would be better for one, but just won't cooperate. Yes, life is more rigorous without naps, but it's also freeing not to have to interrupt the day. Good luck! Maggie (in VA)

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(Login green.elephant)

Re: 2 1/2 DROP second nap?

July 16 2015, 8:51 PM 

My 2.5 year old dropped his one & only nap a couple months ago - he's always been a pretty good sleeper though. I've found that going without the nap and just powering through the afternoon has been easier than struggling to get him to sleep. Plus, at bedtime he usually konks right out now...

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