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Elections won't save the country

June 13 2012 at 7:38 PM

Shadow7warlord  (Login shadow7warlord)
Hellenic Hoplites (Greece)

I think most understand by now that elections won't save Hellas...ND are traitors and Syriza are anthellenes that will shut it once Merkel "slaps" Che-Tsipras...

Basically most if not all parties are traitors in one way or another and not suitable to lead us in this difficult time...

So what's the solution? History says revolution i think....

There are two scenarios that i can think of:
One is Golden Dawn or simple patriotic citizens collaborate with the police and the army to take control of the country. High diplomacy skills must be involved to avoid world intervention in the name of democracy and so we could install a puppet government for a bit while true patriots recover the country.

Second is Syriza-ND or whatever continues with their plans which will lead to poverty and ethnic humiliation and so the revolution will begin by true "indignant" citizens (not the crap we saw last year). Of course they will need support by the army and police....

In both scenarios army and police are the catalyst as is diplomacy and a patriotic government or leader. Another problem is the "democracy"-loving traitors in our country that freak out when they hear short-term coup or similar. In fact in every similar situation in our history, the patriots took control by "undemocratic" means to restore order. And they managed to even get the big countries to support us. So the most important thing is securing our influence on USA and Russia and for that we have an ace...the Aegean. We will also need to contain the anarchists and leftists without causing much trouble and bringing world attention to us (like Libya or Syria for example). The big powers will support even short-term dictatorship if it means they get to win. Such a phase will give us much needed time to recover and restore our sovereignty. Then we can start to slowly become more indepenndent...

So do you think such a scenario is plausible? If not then how can a revolution start? And how do you thing our country can be saved?
Zito i Ellas!

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