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Results of Turkiye to war?

June 27 2012 at 9:00 AM
WAFFer  (Login Ottomandominion)
The Conquerors (Turkey)

What will be the consequences of a turkisch war with syria.

I think we dont wat to go to war yet because of the following reasons;

1. It will criple our economy if syria put up a good fight which will scare off investors and costs us huge amount of money. Our economy needs foreign investors to keep growing. War is not good for investors specially not if syria is able to get us into a fullscale war. What you guys think of syria being able to do so?

Another thing is our defence industry is not where it should be for war. With our own defence industry we could actually grow our economy with wars like usa did and still does actually. We still need some 4 years for this when our own tanks helicopters rifles missiles are ready and every shot ammo will be paid to turkisch companies. Right now usa will be economically and Politically victorious if we will go to war.

2. We already got problems with north iraq because of pkk and a syrian war might get us into a diffucult possision militarily and economically. On the other hand in a war with syria we could break down assad regime and pkk in whole syria leaving pkk crippled and then focus on pkk in north iraq. Iranian pjak is already fried chicken...get karayilan in syria as well hang them togerhsr with assad and voila.

3. We are not sure what russia and iran will do if we attack syria. Now one thing is for sure they wont attack us directly no matter what but will give full support to syria perhaps or will they watch from the sideline? I think they will help syria out in weaponary and finances at least. Now in such case that war can take a while. We will have high losses. Economy will get fcked every day the war continues. For this we need NATO backing. When NATO enters syria, russia wont meddle in and neither will iran if they know whats good for them. Again we will have gained alot when getting rid of assads regime. But israel will gain the same without moving a finger. Iran will be slapped simultaniously with assad gone since iran will lose a ally in the region. All this while not so long ago israel was the centre of being threatend.. Funny how things can go.

Should we act now or wait and support the revolt? I think with NATO we should act now and take this oppertunity to criple pkk as well..

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