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Donkey run for your life!!!!

July 10 2012 at 8:42 PM

Crete Revenge  (Login cretegeorge)
Hellenic Hoplites (Greece)

52 percent of Turks 'satisfied' with their first time having sex

A survey conducted by condom manufacturer Durex showed 52 percent of Turks were "satisfied" with their first sexual experiences.

The survey was conducted in 36 countries with questions asked to a total of 29,000 participants.

Twenty-nine percent of young people in Turkey described their first sexual relation as "happy" and "exciting" while 52 said they were satisfied when they had sex for the first time in their lives. The report did not clarify the age range of what it defined as "young people."

The numbers showed that the satisfaction level of young people in Turkey was one point below the world average, but the result was still one point above the European average. Japanese were reported as being the least satisfied with their first sexual experience, with only 35 percent of respondents saying they were satisfied. The highest number of respondents saying they were satisfied was from Greece, with a percentage of 62 percent.

The survey showed 10 percent of Turkish youth felt anxious before their first sexual relationship. Americans were ranked first in terms of anxiety, with 24 percent saying they felt anxious before the first time they had sex. The level of anxiety prior to the first sexual relationship was reported as zero in Nigeria, where sexually transmitted diseases are seen frequently. None of the 408 Nigerian poll-takers said they felt anxious before having sex for the first time.

The survey also showed that the Internet served as the primary source of knowledge on sexuality. Fifty-five percent of Turkish respondents said they learned about sexuality from online sources. Peers trailed in second at 47 percent, with partners following third at 35 percent. Four percent said they received sexual education at a religious institution while 16 percent said their families educated them on the subject. Some 12 percent said they received sex education at a formal school.

[linked image]

Turkish planing of indigenous projects [linked image]

[linked image]

Turkey is not like China. Turkey is, just like Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

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 Re: Donkey run for your life!!!!Crete RevengeJul 11, 2012, 2:02 AM
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