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Turkey opens first particle accelerator

May 31 2012 at 12:26 PM
Industrious Greeks..YEAH RIGHT!  (Login JackDanielsDry)
The Conquerors (Turkey)

Turkey opens first particle accelerator

[linked image]
A scientist informs Prime Minister Erdoan (L) about the proton accelerator. DAILY NEWS photo, Selahattin SÖNMEZ

Turkeys first particle accelerator facility which will serve the health sector and aims to diminish dependence on external markets opened yesterday near Ankara by the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK).

This facility will serve as the hub of nuclear technology as we are preparing to generate nuclear energy, Prime Ministyer Recep Tayyip Erdoan said during the facilitys opening ceremony.

Research on nuclear physics, electronics and even space studies will be carried out in the facility, according to Erdoan. Turkey is committed to build two nuclear plants by 2023, in a move to lessen its dependence on carbon fuels and generate cheaper electricity, he said. In 10 years, the consumption of electricity will be doubled. Unfortunately, parallel to the increase of our energy consumption, energy prices are rising. Thats why we prefer nuclear plants.

The proton accelerator facility will mainly serve in producing equipment needed in nuclear medicine, such as magnetic resonance imaging and tomography, which Turkey spends $10 million annually to import. Hereafter, we will be able to produce these equipments in our own facility, Erdoan said.
The accelerator technology is one of the significant generic technologies and has a leading role in scientific studies ranging from biology to hmetallurgy.

In further remarks, Erdoan criticized the international community for singling out Iran on nuclear issues. We raise this issue [to] almost all international platforms. We urge them to take the necessary safety measures. But those who have nuclear facilities, who see nuclear as a right to them, do not hesitate in criticizing Iran, he said, recalling Armenias very old nuclear plant, located only from 16 kilometers from the Turkish border, which posed a danger to its immediate neighborhood.

According to Erdoan, every country has the right to have nuclear energy facilities. You have to be fair. You will overlook the insecure plants in Armenia, Israels nuclear activities but you will spark crisis over Iran. This is not fair.



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(Login Ups434)

Re: Turkey opens first particle accelerator

June 1 2012, 7:59 AM 

Turkey opens its very own CERN

Breaking News
Published : 31.05.2012 17:59
Updated : 31.05.2012 18:06

Turkeys first particle accelerator facility opened by the Turkeys Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) went into operation yesterday in an opening ceremony participated in by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan.

Prime Minister Erdoan stated the following during an address at the opening ceremony:

"With these facilities, Turkey will be gaining the capacity to produce nuclear technology. We hope to present every form of nuclear medical development to our public. When we first embarked on this task, Turkey had 122 tomography machines. This figure has now gone up to 446. We will now be producing extremely important medical materials we used to import and eventually we will begin exporting. Since 2011, we have become the second fastest growing nation following China. We cannot reach our goals for 2023, with our current capabilities. We have to create a solution when it comes to energy. As the economy grows, so does energy consumption. The factors of nuclear energy that threaten human life have practically been eradicated. Just because an event transpired in Japan doesn't mean we need to drag the issue to other areas of humanity. We need to inexpensively produce energy and we need to sell it to our public for cheap. The nuclear power plant will allow us to produce energy inexpensively, will decrease our external dependence and will drop carbon emissions. By the year 2023, we want to have built two nuclear power plants and want to have started on the construction for a third. At present, there are 436 nuclear power stations in operation throughout the world. There have been three accidents thus far throughout the world. When you take good precautionary measures, then there is no issue. Every nation has the right to benefit from nuclear power. You don't see the ones in Armenia or Israel, however you begrudge Iran. We will defend this right. I feel that this facility is as important when it comes to nuclear energy as health and science."


The facility is being referred to as the Turkish CERN for its capabilities to conduct scientific studies similarly to the European Organization for Nuclear Research Center in Switzerland.

No more external dependence

The particle accelerator facility was built in order to conduct short half lifespan radioisotope production to be utilized in the medical sector. Once the facility is in operation, 'isotopes', which are used to diagnose a number of illnesses including cancer and heart disease, will be produced domestically. Turkey will no longer be dependent on the external market with the new TAEK Particle Accelerator Facility. The facility will also form the infrastructure to conduct research and development in accelerated particle technology.
High security

The TAEK Particle Accelerator Facility was built with a focus on establishing high security. The facilities will have guard stands as well as a 315 square-meter power distribution unit and heat power station. The facility was built two stories high on 3,110 square meters and contains a partial basement. The basement level has been designed to access as a station for tanks to store liquid and solid waste. A freight elevator with a direct external connection will transport waste to the ground level for its disposal.
The main part of the facility has been divided into two sections. One section will contain offices, technical rooms (cyclotron control room, electricity room and the health physics laboratory) a cafeteria, conference hall, library, and restrooms. The second section will contain A&G laboratories, preparatory storage and packaging units, a quality control laboratory, a waste storage room and cyclotron technical rooms.


[linked image]


(Login Baklavali.)
The Redcoats (UK)

Re: Turkey opens first particle accelerator

June 1 2012, 8:58 AM 

This accelerator would be too small to find any ground breaking new physics, It wasn't for nothing CERN build the LHC 17 miles long . Could somebody explain what a particle accelerator has to do with nuclear power?

[linked image]


Corpus Creepy
(Login Corpusvile)

Re: Turkey opens first particle accelerator

June 1 2012, 9:44 AM 

Obviously it's not a traditional R&D facility like CERN that is aiming to invent ground-breaking new physics. It's more like a "factory" to produce radioactive substances to be used in nuclear medicine. We're talking about the currently imported materials (radionuclides) that are used with CAT, PET, CT scan machines, etc. like some radioactive isotopes of cobalt, americium, barium, cadmium and the like. It's not strictly speaking for research but it's still a very useful facility that will help improve the overall nuclear "know how" in Turkey.

Currently, our nuclear engineering majors hardly have any facility to practice their "expertise". With places like these and the upcoming nuclear power plants, we'll be able to put that growing workforce to good use.


Turkish Pride

Corpus is a Suse Linux user. Why aren't you?

(Login BluNexus5570)
The Conquerors (Turkey)

Re: Turkey opens first particle accelerator

June 2 2012, 1:27 AM 

Good to see the AKP is advancing Turkish sciences!

These facilities allow production of isotopes for medical centers.

Also, a lot of detailed analytical chemistry can be done in a cyclotron. For instance, we can provide crude oil to a cyclotron facility and they can give us detailed information on chemical composition, fractions and structure of the molecules in the oil. There will be a lot of demand for the services of this facility.

We should open a few more in another 5-6 years.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ [linked image] [linked image]


(Login DirtyDirtyDirtyBird)
The Conquerors (Turkey)

Re: Turkey opens first particle accelerator

June 2 2012, 4:32 AM 

"Could somebody explain what a particle accelerator has to do with nuclear power?"


I Hail The Flag
[linked image]

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