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Turkish Attack on Syria’s Northern Kurds Could Prompt Wider War

July 29 2012 at 5:52 PM

Kallimachos  (Login Kallimachos)
Elite WAFF Vet Club

If Turkey follows up on its threats, it could be pulled into a conflict with the Assad regime, Russia, and Iran

by John Glaser, July 28, 2012

Turkey this week implied that it would not hesitate to take military action in northern Syria against Kurdish groups that have gained some measure of autonomy amid the instability, but many observers have warned this would be very dangerous for Turkey.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogans threats were taken seriously across the international community, especially since it has carried out similar cross-border attacks against Iraqs Kurds it suspected of cooperating with Turkeys Kurdish separatists (PKK), long deemed terrorists by Ankara.

If you implement a hot pursuit against the PKK militias in northern Syria, the government in Syria will react very differently from the Iraqi government, Osman Bahadir Dincer of the Ankara-based USAK thinktank told AFP.

Despite the Syrian regimes troubles as of late, Turkish military action in Syria risks a harsh retaliation by the Assad regime and from Syrias powerful allies.

If Turkey brings soldiers onto Syrian soil by itself and not as part of an international operation, it would be an open provocation to Russia and Iran, said Cengiz Candar of the daily Radikal newspaper. Unilateral action against Syria could suck Turkey into conflict with Assad, worsen the internal conflict in Syria, and aggravate the Kurdish tensions in Turkey.

Hellas, Hellas, n tav n epi tas
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(Login Kallimachos)
Elite WAFF Vet Club

Re: Turkish Attack on Syria’s Northern Kurds Could Prompt Wider War

July 29 2012, 6:15 PM 

Turkey is about to be partitioned. They will attack the Kurds in Syria which will in turn prompt Iran and Russia to bitchslap Turkey. The Turkish nightmare of Kurdistan is soon going to become reality.

With each move the Turks make we come closer to fulfillment of the Prophesies of St. Kosmas the Aetolian.

Hellas, Hellas, n tav n epi tas
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Caliph Osman
(Login TCGiresun)
The Conquerors (Turkey)

Re: Turkish Attack on Syria’s Northern Kurds Could Prompt Wider War

July 29 2012, 6:46 PM 

Nations, right wing nations such as Turkey, are separated by leftism.
German intelligentia tries for ages to have Alevis risen up against the Turkish state; while Russians & Americans play with Pkk. China also entered in the game; of course, supporting Pkk (after Erdogan's harsh criticism against the massacre of Uyghur brothers).

We have defeated Leftism in Western Turkey, thanks to a right-wing military coup d'état in 1980.
Left remained strong among Kurds though (and the neighbouring Alevis from Sivas etc). We lead a psychological war against them too. The number of new Pkk recruits are sharply diminishing.

We will win, no way else.

happy.gif Greece lives in his dark, financial nightmare.
While Turkey started its conquests: Syria will be ours.


Evolution... the result of 300 years of Western Free-Think and Enlightenment:
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(Login Jagare)
The Conquerors (Turkey)

Re: Turkish Attack on Syria’s Northern Kurds Could Prompt Wider War

July 29 2012, 9:30 PM 

Kalli, you know i think you are on the right path for once. I too think there will be some sort of armed reaction to all this. All Turkeys problems will be settled in the end. If PKK and nationalist kurds would rise up, well than arabs, persians and turks will have to show a power play, if they win, no more pkk sort of bs. If they loose, (cant even write it really cuz of the unlikelyness) than the kurds will have the opportunity to be eaten my commi scum. the end.


(Login Apeirotan)
Hellenic Hoplites (Greece)

Re: Turkish Attack on Syria’s Northern Kurds Could Prompt Wider War

July 29 2012, 9:53 PM 

I highly doubt that Russia is going to risk a full scale war over Syria. The main player of this poker game is Israel.Nobody is sure about Israel's intentions.Do Israelis want a change in Syria?Do they want the formation of a greater Kurdistan?They collaborate with Greece and Cyprus yet they send reconciliation messages to Turkey.At the same time they seem to help Kurds in northern Iraq!
I believe that under the circumstances everything is possible, from maintainance of the current status quo to drastic border changes in the middle east. Anyway, I believe that, once more, the final outcome will be shaped according to Israel's will.

This message has been edited by Apeirotan on Jul 29, 2012 9:54 PM

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