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kkusum dated 07/29/03...thanx kkusum4ya group

July 31 2003 at 1:12 AM
KHUSHI  (no login)
from IP address

Kkusum comes back from shopping abhay has esha has fallen kk says u cant
take of her. Esha says cool my dressing is done,but esha has fever.abhay
says u both relax I will cook.kkusum says I better go in kitchen or else we
will be hungry. Abhay brings cold water given to kk.kk says u put for her I
will cook as u don't know where are the tings. Esahs says I will hied my
feelings as he is my ateetka panna will not make him my vrtaman.aryaman
comes tries to put hand on sarla;s eyes sarla aryaman he says I wanted to
give you surprise shy r u cooking because you uncle likes food from me or
kkusum.aryaman says srla to blew the hair and make a wish.aryaman says what
u asked for sarla says kk has gone as his company I hope she comes back as
his wife.my parivar will be poora Aryaman thinks in mind as it abhay has
taken his step ahead,I don't know how kkusum will take it. Abhay tries to
put patti on esdah as he can not say no to kkusum.esha closes her eyes as
abhay says sleep esha says I have to close my eyes as I cannot show my
feeling to you.abhay says I have told so may bas things to you,but you are
my dsot I wont say thankyou only I will do your tariff. Here u get
everything not dost. Abhay says why cant you forget past and find someone
who will love your ther are many who might be redy to marry you. Nikita
ewants to know if abh and kk are staying with esha she rings up and esha
lifts the call.eshanthinks I cannot think of anything but abhay's love.
Abhay on the other hand looks at kk and says how badnaseeb I am I want to my
life with you. Beete baras yadeinaj bhi hain.esha says mera mna kaboome
nahin hain. I am doing wrong. I am not like before abhay is my ateet and
idont want to make him my vartaman. Esha goes to office though kk and abhay
stop him. Esha says why don't pack your things as people are waiting for you
in India. Esha leaves kkusum say what happen to her abhay did you say
anything.anyway kk says I will ring home tell we are coming. At office
esha's asst says something about abhgyan and esha says abhay assst correct
him. Esha says I am not feeling well.asst goes. Esha sees abhay and kkusum
and her snap says I love him then she tears the snap and says please go away
from life, I don't want you, she sees she has torn apart only kkusum's photo
and abhay and esha's photo intact. Esha sees it and sayas abhay will always
remain mine. I cannot let him give to anybody esha says abhay I love you.
Abhay sees kk sleeping in her room. And thinks whether to tell kk and if she
feels bad.then he thinks of aryaman but he does not lift the call. Then he
thinks of esha as one lady can understand other lady's feelings.he calls
esha from office ek jaroor baat karni hain. Esha wonders what abhay wants to
tell. Abhay tells to himself I love you..sort of practicing to say kkusum
Esha comes in abhay turns and repeats esha says I love you you to. They show
abhay and esha going closer.end

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