Darkshit Wrastling Frauds & CCW RPG Board
By Viper, Kefka, Darkspade & Poison

Welcome to the Carbon Copy Wrastling RPG board. The purpose of this board is to rip off the CWE for everything we can imagine for ccwinites to develop their dying storylines, have no-event battles or anything else that fits under day to day life in the crazy world of carbonizing. This board IS for personal attacks or spam; we are here to RIP the CWE off and will not tolerate a few people trying to ruin it for the rest even though we are hyprocites and try and ruin it for the CWE- we are spiteful and you never know what 300 pound lesbians can do ;). Anything that is seen as an attempt to expose us for the lying deceitfull shits that we are or that otherwise DOES belong on this board will be deleted no questions asked.

If you are here to show what a REAL E-fed looks like or Plug any other REAL PROFESSIONAL sites please take it to our Out-of-Vaginy Board. If you want to talk about things not cCw related please take it to our RIP OFF BOARD. I have no problem with ripping other e-feds off if it is done in the RIGHT Place.... CWE!!! TEE TEE

Warning: This board contains adult porn; content and ignorance if you are offended by any of these things please DON'T LEAVE!! WE NEED AS MANY POSTS AS POSSIBLE!!!!. XXX material IS permitted on this board any thing considered XXX will get you a match against any of our slutty lesbians no questions asked. You have been warned so PLEASE POST PLEEEEASSSEEEEE WE ARE DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!.

Want to join a wannta-be pieace of shit e-fed that abuses its players and gives its titles to its top officials, and recycle storylines by ripping off the CWE and other places... but don't know how? For further information on getting started in the Carbon Wrestling and help with storylines please contact Devilz Lardass at: DevilzLardass@CreaturesBitch.com, I also ask that you please read over the Carbon Wrastling Rules Page

Want to help us caronize the board, If you are doing a very very very very boring thread (like we all do =/)why not try the Stor--errr... Piss Board!!! Using the Piss board is simple, post your short one week thread over there as normal and when your bored out of your mind and can't figure out how to write your story- just COPY AND PASTE it on our dying RPG board! -5 or -10 Posts instead of 0 :) Isn't that cool!!? What? you can't think up a story, music or original imagery on your own??? WELL THAT'S NO PROB!!! Do what we all do everyday.... RIP OFF THE CWE!!! ()=)

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NOTE!!! Creature's Carbonized Wrastling and our associated tit bangers; ie Specturd and Cunter of plastic vagines Board, CWE Story.errrr.... Draft board, Bellion's suck royale wetcock Hallowenie board, Battle bored, and so forth ARE IN EVERYWAY YOU CAN to be used to create a flame war between our fed and the real DEAL THING... THE CWE. Si si- fucking and sucking Boot's-W IS a personal playground for any beefs you may have with CWE kicking you out like the fucking lowdown hyprocrits and bitter wastes of human life we are.... and if you insist on whining and moaning on how the CWE is KICK'n our asses like they own it- in your posts in a negative light, your post will be given special notice, awards, praises, Specturd vagina plungering and especially a one-sided anal self-centered crit by TDA.. a 22year old fucker who can't get his ass off the dam couch and get a real fucking life.

We Recently moved folks!! yep! Viper got pissed off she couldn't over push Conner and her close knit inner circle of men in her pits, wouldn't cover the entire roster fairly and refused to be a complete 45 year old bitch on a message board.... wow intimidating >.> Well guess what?? we moved.... oh did I just say that har har har har... sorry must be the koolaid. We saw an opportunity of a LIFETIME to get back at the e-fed that kicked our asses by playing better than us in every single way. WE MERGED WITH DWF!! You can read all about it on the official e-fed that invented this sport here: http://creaturewiki.creaturewrestling.com/index.php/DWF wow we must be losers to feed off the same person who flamed our asses to sky high!

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