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spreading the word

November 1 2015 at 11:15 AM

steve backus  (Login flashbackus)
CCSG Board


Yes Jerry is correct {one legged ninja?} its kind of deafening with silence here so lets see if anyone is paying attention to this guild or any organized group that is trying to make sense of the chainsaw carving community.

On the Wikipedia site for chainsaw carving it is very self congratulating and somewhat accurate. I must say that its reference to the guilds is a little patronizing but not without merit, how is that site edited and is the person editing it responsible for their words?

In this modern age of power sculpture that is considered "chainsaw carving" the vast array of tools that accompany the artist is just staggering, power gouges, die grinders, sanders, drills, eye punches, and on and on, kinda makes the chainsaw just a small part of what is happening when the carver suits up and starts carving.

We here in the pacific northwest have been doing this "Chainsaw Art" for a long time. We also have been in the vanguard of the competitive aspect of its forward motion, the contests as they were in the 1980s were organized and ran for the most part by state and county fairs for the entertainment of the public more then for the competitive chainsaw artists vying quite seriously for a prize.

So with the organized entities {The Fairs} Having the authority to dictate how, and when the contests would be ran, without input from the participants, this would eventually lead to real and perceived inequity's thus pushing the chainsaw carvers at the time to at first bitch and moan, then like any group of disaffected people they organized, in this case the Cascade. Chainsaw. Sculptors. Guild.

Right from the start the c.c.s.g. was formed by a small but dedicated group, as in most cases the membership was up and down and the core of the group kept things rolling along, we created guidelines for how contests and such were to be ran, many things taken for granted nowadays but not won without struggles, the fairs stopped having contests so we turned to small towns that wanted events, these community's had never experienced anything like chainsaw carving contests and let us run things as we saw fit, they were very thrifty and we were forced to be self funding but at least had a venue to experiment with things like letting chainsaw carvers keep the carving that they created!

We also created a hosting system that would provide food and perks, the perks were flexible but they created a sense of respect.

There were other avenues that we tried to pursue, group projects in which we made big signs,totem poles, bench's, stumps and so on, each project was an experiment in an age of chainsaw carving that was in its infancy as an industry, the paychecks were always thin but the will to go on was strong.

We as a group knew that without an educated public to know and understand what we as chainsaw carvers were doing that we needed them {the public} to gain a knowledge and respect that would lead folks to understand the value of what we provided for the work we did, it is still an ongoing process, and unless I miss my guess the C.C.S.G. can, and will contribute to this continuing and unrelenting process.

It has not escaped my notice that many carvers enter the guild with their own agendas intact and often leave when they have fulfilled what their aims were, many came to the realization that it was very difficult to impose their will upon others and the results were often messy, but here we are!

It can only move forward by consensuses, it has only moved forward by consensus, even those who were in the game for themselves contributed to the overall good by teaching us what to "keep an eye out" for, nothing that we have done is the result of any one individual but the result of many layers over a period of time, I foresee the C.C.S.G. continuing to evolve and change by looking both forward and back simultaneously.

Winter is traditionally the time when there is guild activity, we are mainly a regional group based based mostly in the "Pacific Northwest although any one is welcome to join.

My goals for the winter is to revive the newsletter, and have an open meeting at the "Burning Bear project in "Ocean City Washington state, February 12,13 2016, that's about all I can realistically sink my teeth into, we will get some of the board members to undertake some committee stuff but lets be realistic we are dealing with unpaid volunteers so be happy with what we get, be nice as well.

As for the competitions we can provide established guidelines, but we cant tell anyone how to do it, they will do what they want anyway,which is the very spirit of independence we admire!

I shall pontificate more in the coming weeks, so it would be nice if "both" of you folks who look in here would say Hi!

Here ya go Jerry, how about that for some noise, now without everyone wanting grandiose ideals what would some of you kind folks see as a direction the C.C.S.G. could go?

and remember carve or starve...
and remember carve or starve...

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