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ugly.. ugly.. vagina

January 30 2005 at 9:10 PM
somegirl  (no login)

my vagina is misshapen. Like, BADLY mishappen. One lip is bigger than the other, and it's not even the labia. It's the lips along with the muscle. And it's frigging hairy. VERY hairy (even into the almost inner lips). And it's purple. Like yucky purple.
I dunno. I want to know if there's any surgery for that? I mean it's the muscle that's bigger than the other.. it's very yucky...

I dunno if I can ever pay for a surgery.. but I dunno.. this is so frigging embarassing. I hate it. very much.

Any suggestion? I'm desperate.. I just want a normal shape..

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Dont worry.

February 7 2005, 9:10 PM 

First of all your not ugly, vagina, pussy,poonani,pineapple a rose by any other name still smells so sweet. if it does bother you than trim it and im sure there as some cosmetic surgeons that have payment plans, And more than likely your pretty and that guys wont care what your love box looks like as long as she is warm fresh and tasty;)


The Big Vagina
(Login thebigvagina)


February 16 2005, 10:45 AM 

I don't like the idea of jumping immediately to the surgery solution. But maybe down the road, if it's something you just can't get past, then maybe it will an option for you. But just know that this bothers you way more than it bothers others. Men, especially, love big, fat, juicy labias. And they like them in all shapes, sizes and colors.

I wish there was a way I could make you feel better, because it really is more troublesome to you. Please try and love yourself the way you are. I promise you, men (and women, if you're lesbian) will love you and your vulva.


(Login degrese)

me too..

April 3 2005, 11:05 AM 

i also have an ugly vagina.it hangs down very low and its wrinkly.im so embaressed about it.when i wear thongs theres a real mound.i wish it was neat looking.i dread guys seeing it because i think it will turn them off.i also have really small boobs so i think theres nothing sexy about my private parts.i wouldnt like to put my face near it so why should guys??

(no login)

Re: ugly.. ugly.. vagina

April 3 2005, 7:35 PM 

LADIES EVERY WHERE! when are you's going to realize that your pussies/vaginas/what ever are what we guys like? How many times have you's said "I hate the way I look." and we say "Baby you are beautiful" we say that because we mean it! and we love you's and we love your bodies, other wise we wouldn't be with you. Because appearance does matter ok, but your gentitals and what not are what we LIKE, we LOVE them, we will do anything to get a piece of that. Understand?

Ladies, we love that part of you like we love the rest of you. We know, we definatley know that vaginas come in all diffrent varieties, and yeah the ones you see on porn are beautiful. Doesn't mean we don't think the same for yours, because when we love/like/want to be with you, everything on you is beautiful. NO MATTER WHAT!!


(no login)

Re: ugly.. ugly.. vagina

June 18 2010, 5:13 PM 

If a guy looks at your pussy for longer because it is different from the other pussies you saw in the locker rooms, he will most likely spend longer stroking it as foreplay.

If you are "too normal", he will just think you are just like so many other girls he has bedded. If your lips are bigger, you set yourself out as more special.

Dare to be different and widen your smile. It is the smile on your face that attracts a man, not the smile on your pussy.

I came across a fence with thousands of bras and old running shoes on it. I counted 17 posts (about 85 yards). People going past add their bras and shoes and get a photo taken.

People are attracted to "being different". Something special about having a pussy with wings - it wants to fly, and needs a guy to kiss it into action.

Ask your boyufriend lots and lots of questions about his job and hopes and dreams in life - and he will be excited about your interest in him.

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