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i know its long...please read and respond

February 27 2005 at 9:12 PM name is kim langston...i went to mp in may 1999, and graduated in may 2002...i stayed on staff there until march 2003, when they asked me to leave...then mama invited me to work at pl, which was supposed to be until august, but i only stayed till the end of june...i must say, since i was both student and staff, the staff are treated just as bad as the students, just with a pinch more freedom...i know i wasnt the best student...i didnt kick and scream and cuss, but i had that attitude that just stuck with me...while on staff, i befriended some of the students, esp. kim lott, which they didnt like cuz she was a "lost girl"...none of the married staff there liked me at all...esp. the women like mrs. gerhardt and julie gerhardt...i was treated worse than any of the staff there...i never got to go to town on my day off, so i was never able to buy the basic things i needed...and it only got worse when i got to pl...mrs. obriant and mrs. kennedy are the biggest bitches ever!!!...mrs. ob was cool sometimes, and often a lot of fun to be around, but she one time told me she wanted to slap me b/c i sprayed lysol on a dresser in the staff apartment and it ruined the paint job...big fuckin' deal!!...and mrs. kennedy was just the most rude and sacarstic bitch ive ever met in my life!...when i would correct the girls, they would go tell mrs. obriant, and she would yell at me and say "this is pl, not mp...thats not how we do it here!!"...finally i was told i wasnt even allowed in the staff apartments anymore, so when the girls went to bed, i had to too...i couldnt even go in there on my days off, so i was basically a student i left early...i think that mama and papa and the gerhardts started these schools with a good heart and intention, but they became mean, and careless, and selfish...renee kocur and her husband came to visit my and my sis, and her hubby told me he hired a private detective to find out some stuff about the wills...did u know that they are worth over $40 million dollars??...well, maybe not anymore since all the lawsuits...LOL...they have vacation homes in all kinds of different mexico...and some others...they became greedy...they have these homes and all this money, and boats, and an airplane (well, papa sold it cuz of his health), and that big ass RV b/c our parents struggled to come up with every dime possible to keep us there...yeah, i got a good education and a high school diploma, but should that have cost $36,000 in tuition?? another $12,000 for the year my sis was a student...and thats not to mention all the "student account" money, visits, packages, senior trip, mom spent over $50,000 on that school!!...fuck that!! mom was a single mom putting 2 of us threw that money sucking hell hole, and did they cut her a break??...hell no!!...i hated mp...yeah, i learned some good things, but most of it went down the drain as soon as i hit the outside world...keeping kids cooped up like that only makes them go wild when they get out...oh, and one more thing...fuck whoever talks shit to people that share their feelings on here, esp. whoever talked shit to brittany potter!!...who the fuck r u anyway??...u fuckin pussy!!...oh, and did anyone know that when stacey raab came back after her months of surgury they cut her medication back cuz they said they didnt think she didnt need to be popping all those pills??...those were prescribed to her!! life is hell right now...i did the bible college thing, and i even met a nice guy there...only problem is that he had a bad past, too, and now were broken up after 18 months...but only after he got on drugs, hit me, we both have been in jail for domestic violence, he fucked up my new car, cheated on me, and the list goes on and thanks, mp, for the advice of meeting a good guy at a good bible college...that college only lasted 2 months anyway, till they kicked me out!...$665/month for nothin!...and now im not in school, have no life, and work a part time job serving coffee in a coffee shop...some good that school did me!!...thanks to all those who remained my friend, even when i became a bitter mean bitch at mp and pl...ive changed now...for the better or for the worse, i dont know...but i wish my life was different...oh, and my sis who also went there is now living with her b/f, drinks all the time and is a basic pot-head...and isnt in school either, probably never will be, and has been working at starbucks for 2 years...yeah, were just headed for great successful lives, huh?...well, ive said too much...i got a little carried away, i guess...if anyone wants to email me or reply, feel free!...i love all of u and miss u so much...i still want to have that reunion in CA sometime...any takers??... :) well, bye for now! p.s.looking forward to hanging out with stacey raab next weekend!

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