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Kaufman Vs. MPBA

December 22 2005 at 6:33 PM


Just wanted to tell the world that this case was a victory for MPBA.

No money was awarded to any of the plaintiffs involved. The jury was unanimous, and were individually polled to reveal that the verdict in favor of the defendants was each juror's correct and true personal decision. I was there to witness this in person.

Two of the plaintiff's testimonies and claims were not even admitted to the case for consideration. This was under the instruction of the judge, who had grown very irritated by the lack of focus, professionalism, and evidence on behalf of Oscar Stilley, prosecuting attorney.

I went into this experience with an open mind, so that if it were the case that there were things I did not realize about MP, my eyes could be opened, and I might have changed my position.

That is not going to happen. This is the second time I have been in the court room to observe one of these cases, and I have again come away with a feeling of thankfulness and joy. Not because I have an "In your face" attitude toward the plaintiffs, but because I am thankful that once again, what I have witnessed with my own eyes and ears, has reiterated to me that I have not believed a lie.

My deepest feelings and prayers for these girls who for whatever reason have associated MP with the reason for their hurts. I hope that some day they can obtain peace and move on.

Blessings to All of You This Christmas!


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