Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.

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      Posted Jun 2, 2004 6:14 PM

      by being polite saing thenk you aor yes Ma'am.. i also learned how to inherit good excerising habits (because at the time i was a bit chucky). I also learned how to iron my clothes whoa my mother was real impressed... actually she had to see me in action because she still had a hard time believing me... oh and might i add before me and my mother could not be in the same room together for a long time becuase i we would get into heavy screaming matches and there were even times that i put my hands on her because i was so mad inside. i learned how to clean, cook, sing, and many more things. i also want to say that before i went to Mpba i was in 9th grade and i my reading level was like a second grader but after reading the Bible everyday had definitely improve my reading and memorization skills. i mean i experience many good habits that people need in everyday life. and i definitely appreciate life a lot more than i did before. Especially now that i am saved by the Blood of Jesus and i know that i definitely didn't suffer at Mpba as though Jesus did being nailed to the cross. i mean i was in heaven as though my ex friends that some are now in jail. And Mpba is definitely heaven compared to jail. I know because my uncle has told me many jail stories. For instance some wrote that they were mistreated even though i don't see how i can say that in jail the inmate rule and they can slam your head in a pay phone and definitely get away with it and i love to see you try sueing that inmate.
      you see when i left mpba i was still young and fell away from God but the forgiving God is there always with open arms waiting for us to ask him for forgiveness for our sins. Even those who are condeeming mpba can still get forgiveness from god and he will hear you prayer. i even bet that if you asked Brother and Mrs. Gerhardt and Mama and Papa for forgiveness even they will stand strong with thier arms open just like Jesus. Listen.. i am 20 yrs. old and i am finally understanding that Jesus is the only way. i believe that if you don't understand Jesus yet you will one day get to the bottom of your misery and God will set you free, just like his Word says.
      Trust me i know it may seem a little hard to serve the Lord when others are saying that your not cool or that you are stupid for the clothes you were, but you simply just need to surroung yourself that understand God justlike you do and fill up your environment with good Christian music and just say to yourself that no one will bring you down from the Higher grounds that God sets you upon.
      May God Bless... and if you are struggling during your walk with God and need someone to write to you can write to me.
      Brooke Velez
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