Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.

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  • Re: i know its long...please read and respond
    • kim langston
      Posted Feb 28, 2005 1:22 AM

      oh, ok, and u r professing to be a christian, right??...u have a worse mouth than me and ur all putting verse references on ur note...god spews u out of his mouth u luke-warm hypocrite...i stayed b/c i had a great time towards the end of my senior year, and also i had nowhere to go for the be honest, i was almost scared to go home after not being in the outside world for so long...i stayed past the summer cuz i just got used to staying and cuz i would miss my friends...i dont know who the hell u r, but u sure are a fucking scared ass hypocritical least i tell it how it is and im not like "oh, u claim to be christian u beepity, beepity, beep, beep, oh, yeah, and i claim ph. blah blah blah for my life verse"...LMAO...god must be real proud to call u one of his, im curious to know just who u r cuz u sure talk a lot of shit to everybody...and yeah, maybe i was a bitch when i was there, but at least i am mature enough to admit it, unlike you, who cant even let us know who u r...and whoever u r, i hope i treated u real bad at mp cuz u obviously deserve it...ur too narrow-minded to realize that people change after they leave mp...why is it so suprising that someone worked on staff and now hates it once theyve stood on the outside looking in? not the only former staff that hates that place...anywayz, i hope u have a great time on that date and that he (or she, depending on which way u swing) realizes what a complete arrogant bitch u r...oh, and one more thing, i think im smart enough to know that im the only one who can change my life...duh!...thats not rocket just saying what everyone else is saying and doing what theyre doing...we just get on here to tell how our life is now, and more importantly how mp or pl effected us, whether it be good or bad...all u do is talk shit about us...why dont u let us know where u stand? was mp or pl for u?...too painful to talk about?...thats how it was for me for a long time till i got the fuck over it and opened up to dare u criticize people that are sharing their experience with people who they think should care, but obviously not everyone does...well, hope ur life is going good, whoever u r, cuz u seem to have all ur shit together by the way u talk down to other people...or wait, could that be a way for u to deal with ur own insecurities? putting others down?...i think so!!...damn, i should be a psyciatrist!...good riddins...oh, and if u have anything else negative to say, go ahead...i can give u another earful right back...
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