Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.

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  • Hey Kim
    • Mary Burwell
      Posted Feb 28, 2005 9:38 PM

      Hey Kim,
      I've had a bunch of the same problems as you. I stayed the extra year because I was caught up in the whole MP thing and I really needed closure for myself so I could move on in my life from there because I felt like such a nobody by the way I had never had a student and I was made to believe I was a terrible person- also I started to buy into the whole MP idea of Christianity because they knew so much about the Bible and made us feel like their secret to "succes" at MP - as in being a "leader" was because of Jesus and that "Jesus" was some mystery I could never achieve because I was not one of the "elect". The staff at MP really played God- but you can't play God- He'll bite you back- so I feel justified by MP and PL closing because they acted like MP saved you because of their "special" understanding of the Bible and their "connections" to the few "true" Christians. I stayed an extra year just to feel like I had some control- If I had left when I could have - which I had already done before for 11th grade I would have felt that I was not doing God's will because that is just how the Holy Spirit was moving me. Also Mrs. Gerhardt told all of us seniors (2002) that God brought us to MP to stay on as staff- she told us basically that we were "out of God's will" if we didn't stay as staff. I had a pretty negative view of myself the whole time- I felt I couldn't do things as well as others because I wasn't as good as them. When I did leave MP I felt so much love from the outside world of my old friends- which were the only people I could relate to- I never felt that love at MP because no one knew me because we were not allowed to get to know each other. Also MP told us we should basically witness to people about MP - not Jesus. They told us that the Romans Road is the formula for salvation- but it didn't save me- I believe that saved is a term for this life- and that it is a process with many steps but it is all about knowing Jesus and knowing God through Him but of course- it has nothing to do with me except that I know I am saved because I have a desire to know more about Him and emulate Him. MP made me the outside world was like MP- It made me think it was normal to make fun of people and embarrass them so I thought the world would be a horrible place when I got out just like MP was. Also I felt like I had a place at MP- like at least people knew who I was and so I felt that if I left I would not belong anywhere. It has been very hard for me to be a Christian because I didn't become a Christian of my own free will- I was brainwashed into it- so now I can't turn my life around- I have to take it step by step- I had alot of backtracking to do when I got out of there so I could find out who I was in relation to the world and learn for myself what was right and wrong because I wanted to know the truth not just take MP's word because I did not believe that people were as bad as MP made them out to be- Mp was so isolated from the rest of the country- How could they know that people were so bad when they didn't know the people- also it confused me that if I got the chance to be saved- why shouldn't I go witness to my old friends- because they cared more about me personally than MP and I wanted to believe MP was good because I didn't want those years of my life to be a complete waste. I didn't want to be selfish- so I loved my friends from before MP and I had more communication with them than I ever had had with my family- and so if we were supposed to convert our families then shouldn't we at least talk about Jesus to our friends.
      I have just recently learned to not use vulgar language because of my friends pointing out to me that it is not respectfull. It is easy to accept advice from people who have no ulterior motives and who tactfully and caringly administer the advice- unlike MP where it was screamed in our faces like they were trying to make robots out of us that lived by their words.
      My advice for you is to get back in school - just go to a normal college- College is the only way to get a good enough job these days to raise a family and provide everything you need to live. I would advise you not to go to a Christian College because many Christian Colleges are not aproved by the state and are really a waste of time unless you want to be a church worker. You can get grants to go to college or be in a work program. It is too expensive these days to live on a low wage salary.
      Wish you the best.
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