Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.

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    • Mary Burwell
      Posted Mar 2, 2005 5:28 AM

      Oh, also, what messes with me about the whole tripping on the cold medicine was that right after that I got a student for the first time and I think the reason I got a student was that I told Mrs. O'Brient about the cold medicine. I'm not sure but maybe it was because I was staying an extra year. The only reason I thought it may have been given to me on purpose was because I thought they might have been testing me to see if I would say something. I'll admit, if it hadn't been my choice to be there then I may not have told Mrs. O'Brient. Anyway- if you don't believe me ask Mrs. O'Brient. It didn't really occur to me to tell her until I was off of the medicine- actually I think I took the pill twice come to think of it because it was so good- but then I still had the cold- alot of us were sick then with a pretty bad cold- some girls had to stay in bed all day if I remember right- and I told her in the dorm and she gave me a different pill. That was so hard for me- that's why I knew I had to tell- I just felt wrong for choosing to stay an extra year and then not going with the program. I really wanted to do good and it was hard for me to figure out if it was bad for me to be tripping there because it made me so social to trip there. We were all sitting in the 1st dorm and everything was so interesting. Melissa St. Firman was on orientation with Kendra Gilliume and melissa had on pink and I came up and it was so easy to talk to them and I said something about the pink. Wait a minute- Kendra was still there so it was before I was staying the extra year- but I had already made the decision. It was right before graduation, though. I was bad and was serving even thought I had the cold and Bill Bosak came in my line every time and that was fun because it was like he was my friend. He's the reason I stayed an extra year because I was going to stay and work but that just didn't seem right at all because he was a big leader and I had never had a student, and for me to be a worker I didn't to understand what it was like to have a student so I would know how to advise the girls about things. I stood up for a student every time they ever had the student switch and I never got one. How could I be a good orientation guide without practice? I was seriously brainwashed by MP at that time because of my past interst in the KJV and God and I had several serious conversations about God and Jesus with friends before I ever came to MP- and I loved MP how they explained exactly why Jesus did what He did- and it just all made sense- and I went home for a year and wrote all kinds of songs about God and Jesus using the doctrine I had learned at MP and even sang one of them at church in front of the congregation and people thought it was great- my parents sent me back to MP for drinking bottles of Robitussin because it gave me so much inspiration to write songs- the song I sang in front of the church I wrote on Robitussin- and I would draw all kinds of pictures because my parents really encouraged my art and my art teacher still kept in contact with me- and my art teachers thought the stuff I did on Robitussin was great- and I liked my personality better on Robitussin- oh I would take the Coriciden cough and cold pills, too because one of the kids at the Christian school I went to introduced me to that- but I had to take at least half of the box to feel anything- but everyone liked me better on drugs, and I thought I was doing something important- I thought that was why God sent me to MP was to write songs and get the doctrine correct- so people could be saved. When my parents told me I would be going to Palm Lane I was excited- I thought they would understand that I did everything I could do for God- boy was I stupid- anyway- I'm glad I did go back to MP because it really made reality sink in- it hit hard- noone liked me- I was pretty nasty looking after drinking several bottles of cough medicine a week- I wasn't allowed to hang out with my old friends and I was pretty depressed over that- I couldn't really make many friends at the Christian school because it was really small and my personality was pretty warped from MP and the Friday before I went to Palm Lane I had broken down in class and just told everyone I was on the cough medicine- and they were really nice and said that they had thought I was just trying to be spiritual by talking about God all the time because it was a Christian school- but that's really how I was- I didn't have anything to talk about but God because God was the only thing going on in my life for a few years. I'm sorry, I know noone wants to read all this crazy stuff, but I really need to to talk about it and I can't talk about it with people unless they have been to MP because no one else can understand. But I really did tripp at MP- but it was probably becuase I had taken so much cold medicine before so it just triggered it. I think the reason I knew I had to tell was when I was sitting in church and this whole revelation about Marilyn Manson came to me about how he had that album anti-christ superstar- and how by him saying he was (the) anti-christ was what he had to say because that is an idea he prepresented- that is how he fit in- so I think that is about the time i started tripping about being Babylon the Great- all the days at MP run together into one day- I thought I was getting some serious inspiration there. The whole time I was there I wanted to really make a difference at MP- I thought the way to do that was to give the whole place new insight on God- especially since the workers had no way of seeing what the spiritual world outside of MP was really like. Mrs. O'Brient told me I go off on tangents- I went on a pretty long on this time. Organization is definitely something I need to focus on. sorry
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