Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.

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  • Some Psychos
    • Robin Young
      Posted Mar 29, 2005 8:12 PM

      It still amazes me how many of you play the "Oh, MP really helped everyone out SO much." HA! What bullshit. I was never even in trouble when I got sent there. I was sent because I resented god for taking my mother when I was 8. I was 11 when i was placed there. I was never in trouble, didn't even know what drugs WERE. Sex... HA!! That was like, not real to me. Didn't even like "boys" at 11. BUT, then good ol' MP. Thanks to their sadistic minds, I was poked and prodded by an OB-GYN, because Mrs. Wills convinced my family I was 11, and was a fucking PROSTITUTE!!!! I mean really... work with me here. Most of the girls went in there with low self-esteems, low morals, and were low lifes. We played the MP game and "found god" just to get out. For a few, being trapped there really helped them, they were pulled out of their destructive lived before. It was not what the wills had done, and it was not MP teachings, it was the girls and possibly their true belief in GOD. THEY pulled themselves out. For others, including myself, after we left MP, our lives became WORSE. Of course you <Deanna> may say they helped, but you easily could have been a staff fav. Of course you guys think MP was just great. But for the rest of us, who were picked on, yelled at, degraded contantly, it ruined us. Before MP, i just blamed God... I left MP hating God, my family, and MYSELF... i lost respect for everyone... esp in myself. They always told me how fat I was, how ugly I was, how much of a little whore I was. I developed severe mental problems thanks to them. By the age of 14 i had developed a cocain habit. By 16, i had OD'd on heroin. Then at 17 I got pregnant. After I had my daughter I finally realized ONLY I could help myself. I became a confirmed catholic, and my life is a lot better, with god. But in turning our backs on god, on our families, and on ourselves, we did drag ourselves down. Yes, it was our choice, but to some of us, at first, that choice seemed better than what those psychos taught us, and did to us. We tried to forget the hell we endured, and became addicted to running from our feelings from MP. My family has spent over $250,000 since I was 14 on therapy for me trying GET OVER what MP has done to me. I was weak willed. I will admit that. I allowed them to tear me down. As did many of us. But that's what they wanted. To control us. We were stupid and allowed them to control us far after we left. We CHOSE to run from it instead of facing it, which drug us right into the hell we caused ourselves, with drugs, alcohol, sex, ect. Yes, it was our choice to start, BUT MP also drove us to it. So don't blame her (although I don't know who she is) For what has happened to her. Don't just "talk shit" and hide behind your shit talking. You don't leave your email, your real name, nothing. You're a coward. The rest of us are trying to cope with what they have done to us. So if you think MP was SOOOO great, fine. Congrats. You made it out a lot better than the rest of us. But DO NOT critize the rest of us for problems they caused us. These problems are real. And you, ARE NOT God. Leaving you NO RIGHT to judge any of us. Didn't you learn ANYTHING while you had your head up their asses? I guess not. Judge Not. You were obviously a lot stronger than us, so accept it with a little smile on your sick face, and leave. You love conflict. So you yourself have many problems, probably caused from MP, and YOUR CHOICES, or you would not feel like you have to tear others down to bring yourself up. Thank God for psychology degrees. I hope you all, regardless of where you are in life, find happiness. Drugs can kill... they can ruin your life... To the original one of this chain, I pray that you find the courage in yourself to over come your addiction. If not for yourself, for your child. Children are a great blessing from God. They will love you unconditionally. You don't want to lose that love. It will be a hard road to recovery, but if you really try, and focus, YOU CAN DO IT. I pray you succeed. Peace be with you all...
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