Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.

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  • Ahh but there were those who DID SEE
      Posted Jan 8, 2006 1:10 AM

      Hi again, Justine.

      Your recent statement:
      The issues relevant to the recent trial are ones which I felt were not truthful, in my opinion. In the nearly 4 years I was there, I had not witnessed any of those claims. Granted, I was not at Palm Lane.

      Shari Lueken had a claim for, among other things, battery because she was drug around the track by the hair of her head. FACT of the matter is, Jamie, another of the plaintiffs, was one of those who was ordered to take part in that ABUSE of Shari, but Jamie was prevented from testifying to that ABUSE because the claim was 'conveniently' dismissed. Kenda was going to testify concerning several things, but was not allowed to be a witness. (Same things took place in the Kellar trial - and if you remember that trial was 'conveniently' cut down from 5 days to a day and a-half.)

      Just because you did not 'witness' THOSE claims doesn't mean they did not happen. Just because the judge 'conveniently' dismissed 90 per cent of all the claims before trial does NOT mean none of it happened. (The drug tests tell what they tell but they were 'conveniently' not allowed into evidence - those claims were 'conveniently' tossed out before trial - and - BTW: The tests were performed by two different non-affiliated labs using different means of detection on different subjects, so what are the odds that there would be positive results if it REALLY didn't happen as alleged?) As far as their so-called 'medical expert'? How often did he ACTUALLY see ANY of the students? That was a big part of the claims - that the girls were PREVENTED from seeking medical care when they needed it. So, just how much would he REALLY be able to testify to? Once again, one of those 'common sense' things.

      You also said:
      Yes, I can agree that if they have lied, they need to confess and forsake that. Then they should contact girls and ask for forgiveness. That is what any Christian should do to get right with God and his fellow man. But would you forgive them and move on, or would you take that as an admission of guilt, and use that as arsenal to perpetuate your litigation?

      Actually, if they REPENT and TRULY ASK FOR FORGIVENESS, there would be no need for further litigation: As part of their repentance they would RESTORE that which was taken from their victims and they would do that without need of a lawsuit. Even the parents' claims which were 'conveniently' dismissed should not have ever been taken to court: The defendants should have apologized to those parents and they should have WILLINGLY restored those parents to their previous state.

      Those people have had ample opportunity to do the right thing without going to court, and true to their evil form, they don't choose to do anything that God would approve of. They would rather lie and hire an attorney such as the now deceased John Oliver to protect that which they have gained. (You should take time to read what Attorney John Oliver has said during some of the depositions. If these are the kind of people that the Willses & Gerhardts choose to keep company with and have represent their causes, then it should be a warning to everyone that it is NOT God who is leading that group!)

      You do what you must, and turn a blind eye, and keep believing the lies, Justine. It is my intention to ensure that those people NEVER are allowed to open another facility for children EVER again. 30+ years of alleged abuse, lies, trickery, deceit, violation of court orders, stepping out on court-ordered agreements, and the death of Will Futrelle, is just more than I can stomach. I will do everything within my power to lawfully keep them out of the church 'boarding school' business.

      Hint: No money means no 'schools'. I believe the quickest means to this end is to contact the I.R.S. and lay the proof on the table that they were running anything but a 'not-for-profit' organization - something I'm working on doing right now.

      Have a great day!
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